E3 2008: Sony Says 'Stand By For Tokyo Game Show'

1Up: VP Scott Rohde discusses the FFXIII shocker, Sony's product strategy, and more.

Whether you thought its press conference was the best of the bunch or were bored to tears by it, you'd be hard-pressed to deny that E3 week has been big for Sony in several ways. Among announcing a handful of new titles, showcasing several eagerly awaited ones, and losing one of their biggest third-party exclusives, the list of upcoming game releases for Sony is more important than ever. I had a chance to speak to Sony Vice President of Product Development Scott Rohde about the company's E3 showing alongside Sony PR manager Ron Eagle on Wednesday afternoon.

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-Maverick-3746d ago

Sweet they got more games coming, hopefully they show that Rockstar Exclusive in not too long.

mightydog013745d ago

I think sony got something up there sleeve and we will have to wait till the tokyo show? date........??????

Arsenal4Ever3746d ago

the site isn't working 4 me.

Fishy Fingers3746d ago

Really? Maybe a firewall issue or something, either way, I'll PM the interview to you.

dude_uk3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )


FFVII or MGS5 on the pipe line =D

gaffyh3745d ago

This is a very very good interview, would have been better if it was a video though. TGS is October though and seems like it is ages away. :( Oh well we've got the Leipzig conference next month.

dude_uk3745d ago


i live in europe but... i'd love to see what's going to happen in leipzig GC and play killzone 2 demo... hopefully =P
and maybe we'll get some crazy announcements from Sony too...

StayHigh3745d ago

All I am looking forward to is Heavy Rain and the New Team ICO game at TGS..Also maybe the announcement of the new twisted metal game..White Knight story and new JRPG games..

StayHigh3745d ago

"It's being developed first for the PS3, so your experience is probably going to be better on the PS3 than it will be on the 360"

So true..I can imagine at 3 to 4 disks on the 360 version..And a lot of compression..

sonarus3745d ago

It will probably be a new unveiling of white knight story which i will tell you right now will be all kinds of awesome. If we are lucky we might get team ico game announced

Pain3745d ago

For TGS and Not some was once but now is a Joke of a Games Convention... TGS is the Money!!!!!

and not the kind M$ use's to buy games.....

And please SE.... FF MMO .....and give the kids there FF VII Remake....and well anything else PS3 = Win

Homicide3745d ago

Team Ico. That's all I want for now.

flexbox3603745d ago

yep once again. then they will underwelm. and then guess what it will be once again,......again

Adamalicious3745d ago

Hellz yeah - I want to see something from Team Ico!

harrisk9543745d ago

1UP: I was with 1UP editorial director Sam Kennedy at the Sony press conference, and he had one question after it ended: Where's Wipeout HD?

SR: I'm not sure I know how to answer that right now. There are still some decisions being made on that particular product for the U.S.

That doesn't sound good... i wonder what it means?

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Chris3993746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I've been harping on this for weeks now. As someone who bought a PS3 for RPGs, the startling lack of them has been a complete disappointment.

And please don't rhyme off a list of RPGs that are coming. Let's keep the conversation on what's here, as in today. It's been 2 years for Sony and now they're telling me they don't even have an RPG in the works?! What happened to Angel Rings, did that not "fit the portfolio" like Eight Days? Exactly what sort of portfolio is Sony building nowadays? It doesn't seem to match my interests at all.

I just picked up a 360 last month and I've been playing the sh*t outta Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata (picked it up for $20, who needs a full-priced port?), Kingdom Under Fire. Hell, I even got N3 and Bulletwich for $5 a pop. I love my Japanese-centric and RPG genres. I hate MS' business tactics (buy everything), but in the end, you've gotta go where the games are.

Seems like the only thing I'm keeping my PS3 for is White Knight Story and FFXIII (I don't want a port on the 360). White Knight is pretty much exclusive, as Level 5 has a serious hate for MS since the cancellation of True Fantasy for the Xbox. Too bad for MS, as Level 5 is going to be the next Square-Enix - without all the drama and remakes.

If Sony has any business acumen at all, they'd take Level 5 under their wing as a first-party RPG house, before Level 5 becomes too expensive and independent. Another part of me doesn't really want this to happen though, as it might stifle their creativity.

Mark my words, Level 5 is the next great Eastern RPG development house.

- C

thereapersson3746d ago

What exactly does that mean when Sony says "Do we have an RPG in the Works right now? No."? That's the last thing they want to be saying when it comes to their software lineup. Then again, it doesn't make sense in the other way that they actually have many RPG's lined up. SOE has a few MMO's planned, such as The Agency, and DC Online. I'm just wondering what they mean by that statement when in actuality they have many RPG's lined up in the next year or so.

HowarthsNJ3746d ago

That good for you personally, but it's also very telling about the JRPG market.

If the western masses aren't buying them then they'll stop making them for the west.

Maybe Sony knows this already.

-M4verick-3746d ago

I agree man. Its why I'm now playing my Xbox 360 way more than my PS3. It has games.

dro3746d ago

u said some true thing but ur speaking for RPG'S gamers, me personaly i hate RPG'S im more of a racer/shooter/action adventure gamer, i never played any final fantasy game and i had both ps1/2.......what ur saying is true in a person u loves RPG'S games but for someone like me it does not matter..instead of saying u have to go were the games are u should have just said u have to go were RPG'S games are because the problem of sony not having enough games is a thing of the past.

rhood0223745d ago

look at the context. He means does SONY GAMES (i.e. Sony's First part studios) have any RPGs in development. They are not talking about third party developers, which we know are creating a myriad of RPGs.

As an RPG fan, I'm not worried really. Simply because there are many other games coming down the pipeline.

TBH though, Sony has never had a 1st party RPG team. So this is not surprising.

StayHigh3745d ago

RPG isnt a big thing like how it was last gen..I agreed Sony only got one exclusive game and thats white knight story..and now enternal sonata coming out this fall for PS3...

Sony need to announce their first party exclusive games
Rogue Galaxy 2
Dark Cloud 3
and etc..

Come on Sony u can do it!!

INehalemEXI3745d ago

Sony has had an RPG team before back in the PS1 era they did Legend of Dragoon. Which was really good IMO. it did not gain critical acclaim though.

rhood0223745d ago


I know. But it didn't do well in sales, as you pointed out. When the game came out in 1999, the PS1 rpg library was already stacked with quality titles, including two FF and Chrono Cross.

During the PS2 era, however, they focused on publishing third party jrpg titles rather than making their own.

Adamalicious3745d ago

I think the JRPGs are coming - I just think they tend to take a really long time to develop, particularly on new hardware. I know it's a long wait, but I would expect to see a flood of good ones on PS3 over the next few years.

And yes, Level 5 is doing some impressive work.

Sarick3745d ago

You pointed out what I was thinking about RPGS. Thats what I spent the $ on when I baught a PS2. Now 360 is the RPG monster Sony was last generation.

If they aren't going to broaden the RPG lineup perhaps owning a PS3 for RPGS isn't all that great.

Sony should listen and make a few more RPGS, before that audience gets the picture and realises that RPGS have a bigger selection on 360.

JASC3745d ago

An ignored game, but good. If you don't have it, get it.

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Ggame3746d ago

Does Sony prepare a huge announcement at TGS2008?

StayHigh3745d ago

Thats a few month from now..I guess Resistance 2 and Socom Confrontation and littleBigPlanet will keep me busy..