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9 Years Since Assassin's Creed Reveal - Which One is Best?

Ubisoft announced it was 9 years ago this month when they first revealed Assassin's Creed to the public on May 2nd 2006.

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rodiabloalmeida1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Everybody says that if you can pass the boringness of the first one, the sequels are much better. But after so much milking of the franchise, I don't even want to try it. Especially after the disaster called AC Unity. Not my cup of coffe.

oSHINSAo1360d ago

I played 25% of the first one back when release and got bored, feel it too repetitive, give it to my GF, and she loved it and played every game :P

ninsigma1360d ago

It's premise was new and exciting. The first had a decent story that helped to reduce the feeling of boredom so a lot of people looked past it (myself included). It only improved from there with the next few titles (AC 2 and it's sequal titels). From 3 onwards it just got a bit ridiculous and I've sworn off them now.

GusBricker1360d ago

Aside from some odd glitches I really enjoyed Unity.

jagermaster6191360d ago

The second one was by far the best in my opinion

FrostXVenom1360d ago

Yeah AC II was the best and will be i guess, Blackflag was good after that but wont call it an assassins creed game..

Agent_00_Revan1360d ago

2 is my favorite. Brotherhood and Revelations were really good too, but 2 was something special.

Killustrious1360d ago

Assassin's Creed II is easily the best entry. Exploring around renaissance Italy was amazing.

AC3 was a disappointment, AC4 was cool. Never played AC Unity because I'm tired of them milking the franchise but I heard pretty bad things about it. Maybe if they do a new one in Feudal Japan, they'll catch my interest again.

remixx1161360d ago

Yes I feel like playing as a female assassin in feudal Japan or something along those lines would be interesting enough for me to dive back in.....either that or being able to play as a modern day assassin in the streets of new York as a young Hispanic or African american male would be kinda cool.

Ya know shake it up a little.

UnHoly_One1360d ago

I really enjoyed 4, but it was also the least "assassin-y" of any of them.

2 is probably the best overall, and Ezio was the best character as well.

skulz71360d ago

I don't know why people say that AC 4 was the least "assassiny"

Edward started off only joining the assassins for money, then when he realised he did wrong he actually learnt more about the creed in a short space of time than any other of the assassins.

Also, when it comes to gameplay, there were Templar Hunts, Assassination Contracts, Templar ships to kill etc

People think that it was less "assassiny" as it was pirate based but in reality there were more stealth missions than in AC 3 and many of the missions gave a more open ended structure.

Thats just my opinion anyway :) I agree AC 4 was a fantastic game. AC 2 + AC 4 are epic!

GameSpawn1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

It's because of the amount of time spent on a ship out weighed the rest making it "feel" more like a pirate game than an Assassin's Creed game. Naval was something introduced with AC3 (they were testing the waters - no pun intended) and the feed back they got from testers was enough to feature it more in the next game (AC4). I would say that what they introduced in AC3 was definitely perfected in AC4 as going back to AC3 the naval portions are just clunky in comparison.

Unity gets a bad rap because of its performance issues that took over 4 patches to straighten out. Performance issues aside, Unity was actually a perfect revisit to the style of Assassin's Creed games such as AC2, AC:B, and AC:R with less emphasis on the "future" portion of the game/story (it's there but definitely minimal in comparison to the Desmond story arcs of previous Creeds).

I personally like all the Creed's for various reasons, but AC3 is definitely at the bottom of the list because of the changes they made; it made stealth almost impossible (the AI was sometimes impossible to loose to shake off your notoriety), but more annoying was the ludicrous required and optional mission objectives that FORCED a single approach to each mission. All the other games including AC4 and Unity were much more open in this regard.

I would have a tie between AC1, AC2, AC4, and Unity in my list of best Assassin's games again each one being good for differing reasons, but not necessarily making them that much better than the others. AC1 will always hold its place if not just for nostalgia. AC2 was a game changer as it introduced a lot of changes that are now the norm (non-auto-restoring health for example) - Brotherhood and Revelations aren't included as they only had tiny changes over AC2 and are more or less the same game. AC4 brought in perfect Naval battles that were just never ending fun for me. Unity was just a perfect trip back to the days of the Ezio series, but with way more detail and a $%^&-ton of AI characters on screen (so much so it makes previous Creed games seem like barren wastelands with their paltry dozen or so people on the screen at once).

mxguy931360d ago

Brotherhood or black flag.

The worst would be AC3 and unity

Zizi1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I don't think Unity is the worst. After several patches, the game is far better overall. The first game is the worst in many terms, though I enjoyed it back in the day.

I, however, found that human shield has been removed from the game, and it was a disappointment.

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