Splatoon Direct Contents Leaked? Delfino Plaza Stage and More!

A 4Chan user has posted the leaked contents of the upcoming Splatoon Direct supposedly leaked by a Nintendo of France employee. In the list of new information includes new features and stages (one of which is a Delfino Plaza staege), but still no word on a local multiplayer option. You can check out what was leaked in the post.

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Concertoine1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Wow i hope this is true! The dlc sounds nice too. Can't wait to splat some foo's online on the 29th. What would be nice is online play where you and a friend can be split between the gamepad and tv. That way you can cooperate and have your own screen. I dont think one Nintendo game has allowed this but COD did.

Edit: and now i can get Pikmin 3 without paying like 80 bucks :D

jelani4351358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Meh, still really wanted a 4-player local multiplayer mode to be revealed :(

3-4-51358d ago

* Just saying. - If there are Mario Sunshine Stages, that is a pretty sure bet that also have something else Mario Sunshine related in the works.

For Wii U? For 3DS? I don't know....but that is usually what stuff that like means in many Nintendo games.

Mario Sunshine 2 would be kind of awesome.

Big_Game_Hunters1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Don't think so, This game looks similar to sunshine and was probably once supposed to be a sunshine spinoff. I feel like a sunshine stage would only make sense. Doesn't mean they are working on a game.

RmanX10001358d ago

Oh man I totally forgot about the direct. Assuming this rumor is true, no Inkling for Smash 4 DLC? What a 'squidered' opportunity.

wonderfulmonkeyman1358d ago

Whoa, Delfino Plaza?!
That would be awesome!

Am I the only one that would also LOVE a Rico Harbor stage?
It would be so fitting to fight on the very same level where Mario first faced down that giant ink-spitting Blooper!

jonrhoades871358d ago

I hope it's true and we get another free game promotion, I missed out on the MK8 deal. I've been lookin' at getting Wind Waker since I feel like I'm going through Zelda withdrawl and the delay is making it worse.

vickers5001358d ago

Remake Super Mario Sunshine already!

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The story is too old to be commented.