Ripten E3 08 Hands-On Preview: X-Blades

Ripten writes: "X-Blades is the last game from the SouthPeak Games showcase that I got some in-depth playtime with.

A fantastic looking hack-n-slash game, X-Blades sees you as the heroine Ayumi on a mission to find two mystical stones that are cursed by the evil power of darkness. It's up to Ayumi to find out the curse's secret and defeat the evil darkness.

The gameplay is a lot like the Devil May Cry games, using both close combat and long range projectile attacks with two gun blades (i.e. Squall's weapon from FFVIII). Like the DMC series, the action is also extremely fast-paced. Along with her two gun blades, Ayumi has the ability to cast different spells, fighting her way through many different levels and a wide range of enemies."

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