Project CARS PS4 60fps gameplay: California Highway Day to Night race

VVV: "In yet another video showcasing the near-final build of Project CARS on PS4, Alan takes the Gumpert Apollo for a spin around the scenic circuit. Its mix of trackside forests and tight turns make for a challenging drive - particularly when the sun is shining in your eyes thanks to Project CARS' advanced lighting effects, which we see in full effect during the day to night transition."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1352d ago

60fps seems to kill the sense of speed.

KionicWarlord2221352d ago

During a lot of turns you gotta slow down. But if you look at 4:00 and onwards dude was all by him self and you see him speeding up.

Looking good on ps4.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1352d ago

Perhaps, but I didn't see any motion blur. I heard that at 60fps they can't do effects like that and this vid seems to show it.

Korix1352d ago

@ Sharingan_no_Kakashi

lol, troll harder.

crazychris41241352d ago

looks great to me plus this was from an older build, guy talking says it within the 1st minute

sizeofyou1352d ago

Sorry - disagreed by accident (bl00dy screen!)... ;)

amnalehu1352d ago

I was thinking the same thing watching that video. When he opened it up on the bridge it never looked like he was going very fast. Overall it still looks great and I'm getting it day 1 but I hope the newest version of the game captures the sense of speed.

reallyNow1352d ago

sims dont make cars appear faster than they are, thats why it looks "slow". same thing with gran turismo.

MoeStedley1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )


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Bathyj1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Is this just the video or do the Depth of Field effects really look like that because theyre terrible. Everything keeps going in and out of focus, most noticeably the car interior. It looks horrible. Hopefully this was just the recording of the footage, but it looks like it was captured, not filmed off a screen.

Well I'll be sure to turn that off then. Its good theyre giving console gamers graphic options. I dont know if I would play that game if that effect was locked in.

crazychris41241352d ago

its the special blur feature they made, pretty sure you can turn it off if you want

mcz1352d ago

Actually that is the helmet cam. It's supposed to give you the sensation that you are wearing a helmet. The focus thing is to simulate your eyesight, so when you're taking a left turn the focus is on the road and not on the dashboard. It's a nice touch but personally I prefer the normal interior camera.

OhMyGandhi1352d ago

I agree. I usually don't mind depth of field related effects, but this one seemed way too distracting, and actually seemed to downgrade the visuals as a result.

the game itself looks rather stunning other than that.

reallyNow1352d ago

haha thats weird! I was thinking to myself how nice that depth of field looked(it always seemed to focus on the thing my eyes were, as opposed to a set focal point in front)the thing that looked bad to me was the lack of AF whenever i saw a shadow from the power lines.. Obviously this game looks nowhere near as good as DriveClub, but it looks very good in a different way. I'm looking forward to this, as a racing fan.

Bathyj1352d ago

The problem with it is its not for the game to be deciding what I'm focusing on at any given time. If I decide I have a few seconds before a looming corner to glance down at my dash to see how many RPMs or what gear I'm in, I dont want the display to be all blurry because the game thinks I should be looking elsewhere and having to wait until it decides to sharpen again.

I understand why depth of field exists and its a nice graphical touch, but I dont want it at the expense of gameplay or making it harder to concentrate on what I think my focal point should be at any given time.

MonsterChef1352d ago

Good thing you can turn off said effect.. I want to impressed with earlier videos if this game, but this one is really well done I might have to pick it up

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omarcomingyo1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Looks boring!! Where's the racing? Reminds me of Gran Turismo whereas it's about as exciting as commuting to work!!

dyret20001352d ago

Go play driveclub or need for speed.

JangoMan1352d ago

After playing Driveclub for months now, i believe that locked 30fps for car racing has many minor plus points asfar as detail is concerned e.g. Motion Blur and extra details which u might reject when u try to achieve 60 fps (particle counts etc). Driveclub is extremely responsive and its hard to believe that its just 30fps.

But overall can wait for Project Cars, Its truly a diverse racing game Since GranTurismo 3 and TOCA. I wish it has a dedicated photo mode just like GT3.

Unreal011352d ago

I could feel the 30fps all the time with Driveclub. It really put me off it unfortunately :/

iistuii1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I love DC, however you go on a racing game at 60fps then jump on DC & you will straight away feel the difference. DC looks amazing but if they tried to run it at 60fps, they would have to sacrifice & it would look nowhere near as good.

Moldiver1352d ago

I like that track reminds me of the kinds of roads evo magazine do road tests and car photoshoots on.