Three new screens from Bethesda's Roque Warrior

After we all enjoyed Bethesda's master piece, which I mean Oblivion off course, Bethesda is currently working on a new project, and it's not a new The Elder Scrolls. It's a whole new project called Roque Warrior's a first-person-shooter.

Especially the multiplayer aspect of the game should be a great thing to play, since it's possible to build your own maps and play with more than 24 player at a time. The game will be released during Fall 2007 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Check the new screens out via the link below.

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devv054331d ago

Hmm, I think's its looking ok, but its still a little to early to really judge the game.

Leo Atrox4331d ago

I agree. It looks promising. "Oblivion" is a really fun action/rpg; but it is really buggy. Hopefully this game will be a little easier for them to QA.

tom15954331d ago

the water looks the same as in oblivion

peksi4331d ago

Haven't we had enough FPS games already? IMHO they should've just stick with the RP gaming since they are good at it.