GTA V - Multiplayer Mod with Dedicated Servers & User-made Game Modes - Experimental Version Out

The team behind FiveM – a multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V which offers an advanced multiplayer environment for people to play on dedicated servers with user-made game modes – has released its first experimental version.

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Pathogenic1265d ago

This is the step in the right direction for PC gamers who love GTA V and modding. Good job and keep up the amazing work.

SunnyZ1265d ago

THIS is what GTA V multiplayer should be!
Just flat out unadulterated fun.

Not the weird 'mmo' grind fest that rockstar created.

Crimzon1265d ago

The weird MMO grind fest is designed with one thing in mind: microtransactions.

That's all they care about, is selling those stupid shark cards so people can not only buy their way to content they should have access to anyways, but also buy their own advantages over other players. Whoever is willing to spend more money wins, plain and simple. That's why Rockstar has repeatedly lowered the in-game rewards you get so people can earn less and less in-game money without buying microtransactions, and no doubt the sole reason they're so determined to stop PC gamers from modding the game.

Also goes to show what a sorry state things are in when modders can offer gamers dedicated servers for free. Meanwhile those of us on console are stuck paying yearly subscriptions for the privilege of playing online multiplayer over awful peer-to-peer connections.

Hereiamhereibe21265d ago

How is GTA online Pay to Win?
Last I checked Free-Roam isnt competitive. Your money doesnt matter in deathmatch, races, etc. Missions and Heists are cooperative and someone with alot of money on your team is not a bad thing. Heres a thought, if your so against R* and Microtransactions STOP PLAYING GTA V, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT GTA V, and STOP BEING JEALOUS. Just because you are salty you dont make half as much money as R*, doesnt give you the right to slander and lie. Get a life.

xPhearR3dx1265d ago

While you may be correct, those shark cards have done us a very good thing. Free DLC. Rockstar has shipped A LOT of DLC for GTA Online. Including stuff for single player like new weapons, vehicles and they've all been free. Had those microtransactions not existed, all that content would have been paid DLC. So while it may take some time to grind, it's either that, or pay for DLC and not grind, or pay for shark cards if you're not up to the grind.

TeamLeaptrade1265d ago

True that! I like the GTA V online, but it is true that it's not always as fun as I'd like it to be. Letting me do so much more in the online sessions would be fantastic.

DragonKnight1265d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't Rockstar prohibit modding and begin banning people for doing just that?

DxTrixterz1265d ago

This is why this multiplayer is being made. So when people get banned from Online they can go to this mulstiplayer.

duplissi1265d ago

No, its to allow for modding online without the fear of being banned (For the GTA V version of LCPDFR, and other great mods). Sure, its the only way banned people can play online though.

DragonKnight1265d ago

I see. Well, Rockstar should have just done this themselves, same thing we've seen done with cheaters in other games. Put them in their own servers and let them ruin the game for themselves. Not saying that mods are ruining the game per se, just that there is no real reason to prevent modding when you have options to deal with abusers.

Palitera1265d ago

A lot of interesting stuff will come from this.

Psychotica1265d ago

Hopefully not viruses or malware..

D3TH_D33LR1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

And this is why it takes 2 years for a PC version to come out. Good job at convincing them they made the right decision with Red Dead pc port.

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