DiRT Rally - Hyundai's WRC Driver Kevin Abbring Shown Completing a Daily Challenge

Codemasters has released a new video for DiRT Rally, showing WRC Driver Kevin Abbring completing a daily challenge.

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Daves3337d ago

Video is badly captured but it shows technique of setting the car up for each bend - fastest time as well, in fact he's pretty much had the fastest time on the daily for most of the week.

rodiabloalmeida3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

May I ask why? It's a simulator. Not a Driveclub-like. Also it's only for PC at the moment, but it will come to consoles eventually.

Maul_T_Pass3336d ago

Then its not for you. Go play Viva Pinata...

Marcello3336d ago

Ok go play the game & beat his time then post it on here or your just flapping your lips.

Destiny10803336d ago

what is this, ps2 footage or ps1 footage

the sound also sucks, there's no gravel noise, no gravel hitting the undercarriage even when he went onto grass there was no sound difference

tcozzens3336d ago

As already stated this isn't captured well at all. I have it and there is definitely gravel being tossed around and you hear it smack the underside...

However, I assume you're trolling with that one bubble? lol

Perjoss3336d ago

The game actually has amazing sound design, its a shame its not captured very well in this video. And he must have had it on low settings because the game looks very good with everything maxed.

Plus this game is still in development and not finished, so don't be so quick to judge.

Skate-AK3336d ago

It's Early Access. The game hasn't actually released yet.

DeweyGerardo3336d ago

The video doesn't do the game justice, and remember this is a green light game, so not the finished game!

ABBAJESUS3336d ago

Oculus Rift with this game?

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