Amazon running 3 for 2 Sale on select PS4 and Xbox One titles

Dealspwn: Head on over to Amazon and you may be able to snap up some bargains in their three for the price of two sale. Pick three items from the selection and the cheapest one will go through free of charge. The sale ends tomorrow, so be sure to take a look. Titles include various PS4 and Xbox One games, headsets, charging packs and controllers.

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Anorexorcist1263d ago

UK only.

Nothing to see here people, move along.

_-EDMIX-_1262d ago

The lolz. An American believes the internet is only the United States.

Oh...the deep, deep lolz my friend. (Mind you....I'm American)

BLow1262d ago

Well, how hard is it to put UK in the title. I went into thinking it was for the US. You would think by now someone who submits these articles would get that.

Lord_Sloth1262d ago

UK isn't even in the tags or the URL this time either.

_-EDMIX-_1262d ago

Even as an American myself, you can't tell me this isn't funny that the person to point this out and basically downplay its importance was an American lol.

@BLow agreed. Even with the lolz aside, when a US Amazon sale is shown, many times its listed that its only for the US. This is information we sorta need to know.

AlexanderHad1262d ago

So Einstein assumes that UK-only, means only Americans are excluded?

Takwin1262d ago

No kidding. A sale for a single island. Wow. Moving along.

Immorals1262d ago

The UK is made up of more than a single island, thank you very much.

Tinderblock1262d ago

People are disagreeing with solid facts here, how fucked is this planet if people can't agree on weather or not the UK is one island or not regardless of your 3 for 2 lego game sale.

Callediceman1262d ago

They get Project Cars 1st now this.... ;)