Why gamers should avoid the Arkham Knight’s Season Pass

MWEB GameZone writes: "Season Passes are meant to be part of giving more to players who want it; not using that good faith as a way to squeeze more money out of people already shelling out enormous amounts for a AAA game. Pre-order culture is marketing made flesh.

We, as consumers, need to be better than this."

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SonZeRo1266d ago

Gamers should try to avoid all games Season Pass. just like pre-orders.

UKmilitia1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

i snagged the game for £30 on preorder so i gonna keep preorder but i never buy season passes or DLC because i dont agree with it, although i plan on buy the witcher DLC

MasterCornholio1266d ago

I'm confused.

Isn't the Witcher 3 DLC free with the expansion pack the only thing they charge for?

NukaCola1266d ago

I only bought one Season Pass and that was for LA NOIRE but we got screwed because it consisted of cut content from limited 360 disc space. It was fun to play but that one was a bit of a burn.

My issue is that I don't want to prepay for content I don't want. If I choose to buy individual DLC, I will then.

jimsl1ce1266d ago

Witcher 3 will have 16 free DLC packs, but they will also have 2 expansions in the future that will add an extra 30 hours of content. So the 16 packs are free, the 2 expansions are paid, but relatively cheap.

T9001266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I almost never preorder games any more. The only game i preordered was Witcher 3 on Steam that too cause i was getting it for 45 usd.

Other than that i am never preordering and i am never buying DLCs or seasons passes.

I usually buy games from Greenmangaming they usually have 20% off offers all the time. So wait till the game releases read the reviews then place my order.

BecauseImBatman1266d ago

In my experience, people who have a lot money to spend don't value it as much as people who have less... so Season Passes aren't going anywhere cause people will keep buying it. I agree with the article, DLC is great especially after you've played and beaten the game and you want more but a Season Pass is just committing to buying content that's not gonna be released months after the release of the game. It's a rip off... there just squeezing us for every penny.

rezzah1266d ago

Patience is needed when it comes to season passes, because regardless of what is stated they are still blind purchases. Anything can change from the time of purchase to the point of the last DLC release, specifically I am referring to possible change in the listed DLC.

If what you want out of what is listed adds up to be more than the cost of the season pass, then it may be a worthy purchase. But first you will have to wait to see the prices of the DLC you want.

Spinal1266d ago

I agree in not buying season passes right off the bat. But there's nothing wrong with pre ordering a game you are looking forward to playing after seeing gameplay.

I got my pre order on Witcher 3 only so far.

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ArchangelMike1266d ago

Agreed. I'll wait until I know more about what is on offer and decide if it is worth it. But at the current price I really doubt it'll be worth it.

akurtz1266d ago

Any season pass for that mattter........EXCEPT FOR FALLOUT 4 lol

beerzombie1266d ago

Ya there is always an exception to the rule and that would be Fallout 4.

g-nome1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Agreed , DLC ok , season pass not.

ironfist921266d ago

I love Batman. I love the Arkham Games. I love how Arkham Knight looks. I hate season passes.

Im waiting for the GOTY edition. The more we buy it, the more it supports the idea from Developers/Publishers that withholding content and releasing it as DLC/Season Passes is acceptable, when its not.

OrangePowerz1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

How do you know it's withheld content, do you work at the developer? I think it's funny how everybody knows how the content was removed from the game and withheld to nickle and dime gamers when they have no idea about game development.

You only pay 60 bucks for the main game that costs huge amounts of money to make. The developers and publishers get a fraction of those 60 bucks. They also get only parts of what the season pass costs and they have to pay people to make the content. We don't know what that content will be exactly and how big, so of those articles about how the Batman season pass is bad and people complaining is jumping the gun without knowing the full scope of the DLC.

InTheLab1266d ago

They are offering cosmetic unlocks for a fee months before launch. That is withholding content.

The Batgirl stuff sounds independent of the main game but the skins for Batman/Batmobile should be unlocked by time and skill...not money.

Skins are the quickest and dirtiest of all DLC because a decade ago, these things were all part of the main game and not a scam like they are today.

And by the way, Rocksteady are one of the most successful devs in the industry. They are not hard up for money. Batman is the most famous hero in all of comics and video games. Rocksteady are doing fine.

You, on the other hand, are the consumer and your needs should come first. What you're basically saying is that devs should be allowed to scam you with incomplete games because Warner Bros are only giving them a fractions of 100s of millions?

OrangePowerz1266d ago

Because they plan ahead means they withhold content? I imagine you guys think those things are planned by some guy sitting in a meeting room looking at the game and asking each other what they can remove that is currently in the game and move to DLC.

Maybe those skins wouldn't be in the game if they wouldn't do DLC? Maybe they have to pay licensing costs for the skins that are part of the DLC? You don't know, I don't know, nobody here knows.

Previous Batman games had skins als DLC while also having other skins in the game to unlock by playing. Your ansumption is that tgere won't be other skins to unlock. Anyway they are something extra, they are not required. I personally never use them because I like to enjoy the games the way they are meant to be, in that case with Batman in his suit. Running around in the old Batman suit in the previous game looked so out of place and the same goes for the other skins they had.

Rocksteady need to cover the costs of the last 3-4 years it took then to make the game and have to finance development for the next game and that means paying staff for 2, 3 or 4 years and the costs for the DLC content also need to br covered.

My needs are covered and I will get a full game and I'm not getting scamed, but unlike others here I know how things work.

What you want to believe is that companies are evil so you paint a picture that suits your believe. Like I said the developer AND publisher will only get a portion of those 60 bucks because all the retails take a nice share, Valve and co. will also take a share as well.

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