PS4 Dynamic Theme For Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Is Actually Pretty Good: Video Inside

Many of the pre-order themes we've seen on the PSN haven't been exactly the best, quality-wise, often offering static backgrounds, no animation or custom icons, and not even music from the sound track of the games they're inspired by.

Luckily, the one for Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD is different, and while its background is not animated, it does feature a blitzball bouncing around the screen, dedicated music, icons and even the iconic Final Fantasy menu sound.

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F0XHOUND1316d ago

That's pretty awesome. Like my ffxiv theme, I wish you can keep the music and sound effects but just change the background, then these themes would be perfect!

gamer78041316d ago

i'd just like to set my own wallpaper

UNKLE1316d ago

pretty bad boring theme...

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