PC Games Worth Dropping Your Money on in May 2015

The PC has a massive list of games coming out in May 2015. The PS4 and Xbox One too have an impressive set of games, but none as lengthy as what’s releasing in the month of May for the PC. The Game Druid helps pick out the best PC games coming out in May 2015.

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T9001261d ago

Total war Warhammer if that ever gets released this year.

gamedruid1261d ago

apparently it's supposed to come out in May, but not seeing enough to confirm, as in, i don't have a date exactly when in May..but I could be wrong.

kiranpk1261d ago ShowReplies(1)
kiranpk1261d ago

If i had to pick from this lot, Axiom Verge, is my choice, only because it originated from a console game, the truly original NES.

gamedruid1261d ago

Yeh, that's a good game and one to watch out for, for sure.

gamedruid1261d ago

but really? NES - the truly original console? ha ha ha

caleyforsythe1261d ago

i thought some of the games are pretty cool..sure the mainstream ones are great..but it's the inde games that are appealing to me.