Xenoblade X Misses Top Spot on Major Japanese Retailer Sales Chart, but Nintendo Platforms Dominate

Many expected Xenoblade Chronicles X to top sales in Japan last week, but at least according to Tsutaya's charts, that have been just released, Monolith Software's new JRPG had strong competitors that pushed it down to 4th place.

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eyeofcore1264d ago

Tsutaya is not counting Xenoblade X copies that were in limited edition bundle just so you people know.

bouzebbal1264d ago

still, a game like this should sell half a million day one and move loads of consoles... sigh..

breakpad1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

a good game with so much work behind it should be higher ...hey chance for monolith to port it on a more successful system...4 the players;)

Griever1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

None of the other game sales include digital too so the comparison is levelled and fair. The game should have topped the charts being the first and only JRPG on the console. Nintendo held so many directs and presentations to build hype for this game.

The real reason for low sales is that the Japanese did not like the game. There are ton of 1 star scathing reviews on Amazon Japan. The biggest complaints are poor story, silent protagonist, bad character models and animations, cliffhanger ending, no dungeons or towns, broken gameplay, big empty open world full of running, tedious rng-based Kizuna quests and bad background musics. Many say that it compares very poorly to it's predecessor on Wii.

I also heard an interesting rumor going around in Japan that they heavily altered the plot, left numerous loose ends and made the hero silent just to add the online component and online boss raids. People are very angry with that too.

If anyone wants to know gameplay and plot details then I can spoil them for em. I know them all including the twists and the ending. Its quite disappointing. I am an Asian so I have been watching the live streams and hearing the complaints of Japanese gamers.

Concertoine1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )


I had a feeling that this game wouldn't be a big hit in japan critically. They really did take out a lot of what made the first special. Im looking at amazon Japan and i dont see many 1 star reviews but i see plenty 2's and 3's. Im sure it'll still be a solid JRPG, but not a timeless one like the original Xenoblade. Based on in game data its safe to say it's sold at least around 60k. The first quest that shows this data (2 hours in) has 60k users finished.

The only other JRPG on the horizon is SMT x FE which will probably sell on brand name and bland anime tropes alone.

1263d ago
Griever1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )


Why are you such a fanboy? I also own a 3DS XL and I am playing bravely default. I love it. Also Played Fire Emblem Awakening before that but I never act like you. If something is good then it is good and if something is bad then it is bad.

Many games have been bundled and they are not included in those sales as well so that is a moot point. That is just an excuse and does not makes much difference in the total sales.

I know that Japanese did not like the game because Japanese forums, twitter posts, Amazon JP reviews and livestreams give you a good general idea of the reception. The Amazon JP reviews are not just blank 1, 2 or 3 stars but include a lot of details about the game and reasons why the player did not like it. Many of them them have been playing Monolithsoft's games since Xenogears including me. Fanboys would just give a 1 star and spew hate in the comments and run. They do not give details and express heartfelt disappointment.

Rumours always have some element of truth in them. There is no smoke without a fire somewhere. Many gamers have mentioned that rumour in their Amazon reviews.

If you have the game please tell me how did that Kizuna quest searching for those comet stones go that you have to mine? How many hours did it take to get those multiple stones since you can only mine once every 30/60 minutes? In the meantime you cannot proceed with the story. As for gameplay, tell me if your classes matter when riding a skell? I know they dont and that is broken. Skells are overpowered too as fuel is not a serious issue and you can get them repaired before they break and you lose them.

Finally, yes I do not own the game because many have told me it is not good and worth my time based on tastes. The story is incomplete, there are no dungeons, there are no towns and the game is only 12 chapters. I do not understand this logic that you fanboys use that you HAVE to buy the game in order to be able to say that it is bad. Why do I have to waste my money and discover it is bad?? Do you have to bet bitten by a snake and nearly die to be allowed to say that it poisonous?? Why not just listen to others who are warning you??

EDIT: You are a fanboy because you are overly defensive and sensitive. Cant you talk without all the CAPS, yelling and getting angry like a whiny brat even though you claim to be an adult? You sure do not act like a mature adult. It is just a game. I am here talking about the game because I have been following the game since the reveal. I have played all Xeno games and I am fan of Monolithsoft before they became Monolithsoft under Namco. You or me liking a game does not makes it good. A game being good is based on objective facts and qualities. You are willing to give a free pass to the flaws in the game but others are not. That is the difference. Finally, you do not have to buy every game to be able to judge if it is bad or good. That is just a defensive maneuver used by fanboys to invalidate other people's opinion and sometimes even the truth. Do you buy every trash or failed product to be able to say that it is bad?? I will not get into further argument over this because you are clearly incapable of carrying a mature conversation. I would really like to meet people like you face to face and see how angry and tough they are in real life. I remember an incident where a guy tracked down an internet tough guy to his home and grabbed him by his neck as he was grovelled in fear.

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3-4-51263d ago

azdiine - Not sure what world you live in but not many JRPG's do that.

Go check JRPG numbers for the jrpg's over the past 10 years.

AndrewLB1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

abzdiine- I agree. I just finished Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time and it was an outstanding game. It's definitely one of the best games i've played in the past 5 years. I was struck by how long it was if you actually spend the time to do all the sidequests. I only missed a few due to me not quite understanding the point-of-no-return system for the first time restricted quests, but i'd say I managed 95%... and i've got well over 100 hours on the first play-through.

Btw... screw playing it on the Wii. The game looks immensely better using Dolphin + HD Texture pack on PC. I rendered the game at 4x Native Resolution internally, then used nVidia DSR to ramp it up to 3840x2400, smoothed 15%, and downsampled to my display wich is 1200p.

Keep in mind, you need a very fast CPU to run this game with 4x Native rendering, and fast GPU for that level DSR. Looks great though.

3-4-5- Now that I think about it, you're right on that. JRPG's rarely ever pull huge sales numbers and while there are exceptions, its just how it is.

JRPG developers should move away from being platform exclusive because the ones that did are doing very well. Falcom released the English version of Trails in the Sky on PSP about 4 years ago (i'm guessing) and did quite poorly on that platform. Xseed then released the game on PC just last year and have sold well over 100k copies, exceeding their expectations by a nice margin. And to think this game was initially released in 2004. lol.
Luckily quite a few Japanese developers have taken notice of this and are looking at PC versions of quite a few upcoming games.

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Knushwood Butt1263d ago

Yeah, and only 5 days of sales too.

Griever1263d ago

You must be sarcastic,right? Now even five whole days aren't enough? A game rarely gets 7 days to sell in it's first week. Besides sales ALWAYS go down in second week even if it got only one day of sales in the first week. People who gonna buy in the first week do so in the first couple of days. The don't wait for the last day of the week.

LOL_WUT1263d ago

I don't know why people are so eager to bring up digital sales when the other games on the list who ranked higher, albeit less hyped are excluding that information also.

This is a fair comparison especially on a home console where physical is the dominant format.

As for the sales in general they're pretty bad and to be honest I expected it to do better. I wouldn't be surprised if it did the same here in the states ;)

benji1011263d ago

Griever how about the 100 plus 5 star reviews with lots of positive detailed comments? are they just BS? Only worth listening to 30 bad reviews, huh? 3/4 of which are by sony fanboys. Just click on their review histories and see the Sony troll love. THe other 1/4 areb Otau who give every game on Amazon Jp 1 star.If you could read Japanese instead of just pretending you can you might have a point.

Magicite1261d ago

This game released on wrong platform, plain and simple.
JRPG fanbase is on Playstation.

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DonkeyDoner1264d ago

lol you dont mess with puzzle & dragon and dragon quest fanbase

Theyellowflash301264d ago

4th is not bad, however.....

This doesn't count digital copies of the game. And Xenoblade Chronicles X is the top game downloaded on the eShop.

This also doesn't count the bundles that apprently did very well.

Qrphe1264d ago

Well pretty none of those games are counting their digital sales obviously so that's a non-factor.

Gemmol1264d ago

the reason he bring up digital sales, because X team said its best to download, so everything will be there, if you get the disc you would have to download parts of the game to make it smooth and other words for this particular game theres more interest for people to download it compare to the other games on the list that would still play the same regardless if you got the disc or not

Big_Game_Hunters1263d ago

all of the top games are e shop games and its already been confirmed that X dominated e shop sales.

Father__Merrin1264d ago

It's not done very looks incredible but is likely to drop off because of platform choice

Gamer19821264d ago

You will get a lot of salty disagrees by the Nintendo army but you are right. They think this game will be some sort of saviour for their console and it clearly isn't. For 2 reasons 1. Its not a 1st party game on nintendo and 2. its only on nintendo. If the first game at least was released on other consoles they would have built a fanbase that might have bought on wiiu but most them those 10 million wiiu owners (including myself) probably havnt played the first game.

themonado1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

It is a first party game. Check your facts before commenting.

wonderfulmonkeyman1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Turning these sales, which don't include the bundle sales or digital sales, into a reason to pull console war statements that put the console at fault, just makes you sound bad.
The game is not doing badly. Its console isn't the reason its sales aren't higher.
And FYI, it's a first party game. Nintendo owns somewhere between 94 to 98% of Monolith and have for a while.

gamejediben1264d ago

If you haven't played the first game yet, you have no one to blame but yourself.

It released on the highest selling home console of last gen (Wii) and then again this year on the New 3DS. You've got no excuse to miss this masterpiece. If you want to complain that it's not on other consoles, go ahead but Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo. What else were you expecting?

eyeofcore1264d ago Show
jholden32491263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Nobody thinks it's going to be a savior. Real, ACTUAL gamers don't care about bragging rights and sales charts, they just care about playing great games.

Whether the rest of the world ignorantly cheats themselves of those experiences is none of our concern.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

That because people bought the bundle not physical much and they most likely went digital considering it the first pre-load game

Gamer19821264d ago

I think if Xbox and PS4 have proved anything this generation the Japanese especially have not gone heavy on the digital yet especially with the WiiU which everybody with a wiiu knows is really dumb to go digital because of of several reasons like games are console tied.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Wrong. Games are tied to accounts. Accounts are tied to console.

The games my brother bought on his account I cant download them.

To play your games on another system you must first unlink.

All these misinformation about Wii U account from people who never owned one.

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