Missing Link: Give Ocarina of Time’s Zelda Her Own Game

The Legend of Zelda remains one of the most important video game series in history. Without question, the story of the green-clad elf boy named Link saving the princess has been, well, legendary. Despite being in the title of the series, however, Zelda has stayed in the background, sticking to a damsel role. As we’ve seen in various spinoffs, though, Zelda has skills. She can fight, she can plan, so why not give another princess a chance to star in her own game? There are so many Zeldas to choose from in the series’ library, but if there’s one Zelda that has the skills and world to really benefit from her own game, it’s Ocarina of Time’s.

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Magnus1361d ago

I'd play a Zelda game if she was the lead she had her own game once. But it tanked so badly on the CD-I and the game mechanics were so broken. Plus the CD-I was basically a useless piece of plastic. I picked one up last year at a garage sale and it had the Zelda game.

ZeekQuattro1360d ago

If Peach can have her on game I guess Zelda could to. Done right of course.

wonderfulmonkeyman1360d ago

I'd go for one where we can play as Tetra, personally.
Sheik is all well and good, but Ninjas are a little more overdone than kickass female pirates are, in games, these days.
Or just go with Zelda's rapier a la Hyrule Warriors.
Either or, but give Sheik a rest and let some other forms of Zelda have their chance.

As long as it's Zelda and not some femimazi'd gender swap of Link, I'd give it a chance.

ChickeyCantor1360d ago

Legend of Hilda is more suited for that.