Fable 2 - E3 08 Triathalon Gameplay

Run, swim, and act like a jackass.

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Chad Warden3770d ago

The animations look like World of Warcraft. Wtf?

InMyOpinion3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

I think it looks great. The graphics look awesome and the animations are extremely smooth.

mesh13770d ago

this video does no justice to this game go to gametrailers and see fable 2 vids they will make your jaw drop best looking rpg ever made .

xJxdOggyStYLe3770d ago

chad warden at his best take a look

u should never comment on anything...ever and after this vid...go hide in your basement

pumpkinpunker3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

I love how you try to act all gangsta' when you're from the suburbs. That sh1t is hilarious.

And, oh yeah, Saying a game looks like World of Warcraft is a good thing for that game. World of Warcraft is a sweet game that I quit playing because it is so addictive.

Highwayman3769d ago

Chad you do realize that the fanboy zone is that way>>>
You can read, no?

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1stKnighT3770d ago

The graphics have made a huge approvement since the last videos I seen. I'm so excited for this one. This is my number 1 game for 2008.

-M4verick-3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

If Moleneux pulls off everything he wants to, this will be a very unique and ambitious title. I can't wait. I want some RPG-love.

lol @ the condom

Highwayman3769d ago

I agree, this has easily been my most anticipated game this gen, for myself.
Huge Lionhead fan! Love Fable! This game has got a ton of potential and if PM can pull it all off, then we'll have a very uniqe experience that's for sure.

MK_Red3770d ago

My kind of game. Beautiful art style. Freedom and allowing me, the player to be completely EVIL!

kewlkat0073770d ago

I tend to go the darker paths....'

This is turning out to be an EPIC game.

Apocwhen3770d ago

Absolutely Fable-ous.
Seriously considering getting a 360 for this game alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.