Sonic Chronicles DS : first gameplay video

French website Gamekyo writes:

"Here is a first gameplay video of Sonic Chronicles : The Dark Brotherhood on Nintendo DS, which we could record on the show floor at the E3 2008."

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PS360WII3746d ago

Awesome the combat looks fun to play and I really do like the backdrops.

Fernando Rocker3746d ago

Looks very good.

The combat system looks kinda like Elite Beat Agents.

player9113746d ago

Looks like a sweet game. RPG's are great ways to evolve characters.

SuperNova19953746d ago

whoa. that game looks alot of fun. i hope it comes to ps2.

Relcom3746d ago

Am i the only one wo thinks this looks way to slow, I love turn based games but this is a little overkill

DeckUKold3746d ago

They should make the character attacks speed up. After all this is sonic we're talking about.

PS360WII3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Well it is turn based and the moves seem to be heavy use of the touch controls so watching may seem slow but playing it and hitting those combos could prove to be a little faster paced in practice