Changes to Zelda characters in the latest Smash Bros. patch

In April, we received patch 1.0.6 for Super Smash Bros. This patch included Buffs and Nerfs to a number of characters, including the Zelda characters.

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BudokaiGamer1263d ago

That was poorly written and slow to come out. You could find this information in better places, and written better.

aaliyahbandy1262d ago

Well that's your opinion.

BudokaiGamer1262d ago

I wasn't meaning it to be a dick, I was saying that I found a lot of grammar and spelling errors and the news was quite old.

I'm just saying.

3-4-51262d ago

"Zelda’s forward smash hit angles lowered. And some changes has been made to her Phantom. Its slash now takes four seconds longer to regenerate after being destroyed, it will now stand out for 0.25 seconds longer than before, and it’s slash endlag has been greatly reduced, allowing you to launch it quicker."

^ He means that.

It's poorly written, not that I could do better, but still it is, what it is.

You created a weirdly short sentence and then started the next with And.

^ THAT is what he meant.

We expect better than the high school newspaper.

BudokaiGamer1262d ago

There was more than that, but that is a good example. I'm not an English major either, but if I can't understand what you mean then I'm sure it needs revised.