E3 2008: Pocket Gamer goes hands on with Resistance: Retribution on PSP

There's absolutely no doubt that as E3 draws to a close, one PSP title stands above the rest: Resistance: Retribution. Following its surprise announcement on Tuesday during Sony's annual E3 media briefing, Pocket Gamer met with assistant producer Caley Roberts to go hands-on with this immensely promising third-person shooter.

Resistance: Retribution bridges the original game on PlayStation 3 with its forthcoming sequel, embarking on an original tale that fleshes out the budding series' unique alternate history and cast of characters. Six months have passed since the Chimera have overrun Europe, yet a few pockets of resistance remain to contest occupation. You suit up as former Pvt James Grayson, part of a small force that was left behind.

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badz1493744d ago

anything Resistance...JUST GIVE ME, I'M IN!! it looks promising

Fototherapist3744d ago

I hope more IP's do these kinds of "bridges" in between major releases. This reminds me of Killzone: Liberation, not so much for the gameplay, but rather for the extrapolation of the saga.