Ars Technica The Showdown: who won the war of the press conferences?

Ars Technica writes: "Well, first, we can both agree that it wasn't Nintendo. The casual-friendly company showed a bunch of games and made a bunch of announcements that will be sure to keep the system on the top of the charts, but almost no gamer I know was happy with the press conference. Judging by your comments, you guys weren't happy either. I know Nintendo is going to continue to be successful moving forward, I just wish I didn't have to wait to see games like Mad World before I was happy to have a Wii at home."

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Chad Warden3742d ago

Whoever announced the most new games. Who was that again? Ah that's right, Sony. Two new big exclusives, and 3 new PSN titles. M$ announced a FFXIII port for their console and Nintendo had nothing but crap.