Rockstar: "Cosmetic Mods Are Not A Bannable Offense", Half-Life-Like Gravity Gun Mod Released

A couple of days ago, various reports surfaced suggesting that Rockstar Games was banning GTA V users that were using mods in their games. As you’d expect, a lot of PC gamers got angry about this whole thing. However, it appears that Rockstar does not ban cosmetic mods.

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SunnyZ1359d ago

Hmm. So I guess I'm safe to continue disabling the intro screens then?

Had no intro screen fix since the game came out, have not been banned... Yet...

It's cosmetic, provides no advantage over other players, well, except that I can boot up the game MUCH faster.

Old_Prodigy1359d ago

Seems like it's time for SAMP 2 to happen.

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