Project CARS PS4 Using EQAA, Car Detail Is Equivalent To High On PC, More Details On PC Version

The console versions are mostly at medium settings compared to the PC version, with some parameters ranging from medium to high.

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Eonjay1317d ago

Okay so that answers a question about EQAA (AMD tech equivalent to 4xMSAA) which is what the Xbox One is using.

AndrewLB1316d ago

EQAA is the same as Coverage Sampling Anti Aliasing (CSAA). EQAA\CSAA is based on MSAA but it has additional coverage samples.

The level of EQAA used in Project Cars on PS4 is NOT 4x. The PS4 version's AA looks almost identical to FXAA+2xMSAA as seen here:

It seems the PS4 version is only using 2x anisotropic filtering, and contrary to what people are saying, the quality of the actual track is equivalent to "Low" setting on PC.

And the claim of shadows being "High" is not accurate. Car shadows are the same as "medium" on PC, while track shadows are the same as "Low".

What I find strange is they neglected to say there is also a "Very high" setting in this game. The only reason why something like that would be left out is someone's inner-fanboy wants to make the PS4 appear only one setting below PC. Which it's not.

Eonjay1316d ago

"What I find strange is they neglected to say there is also a "Very high" setting in this game."

Wait what. Thats just common sense...

Whatever you said after that sounds like a classic fanboy fallacy of logic.

reynod1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )


Thats nothing new, the paid media almost always tries to make the console version look better than it really is.

Making it look just one step below the PC version just serves their purpose to provide lip service to Sony. Todays media is only good to give these corporations hand jobs under the table.

They did the same with games like Dragon age 3. Claiming Da3 to be on par with PC at high settings, when the game released it was more like low to med settings on PC.

BallsEye1316d ago Show
T9001316d ago

People have to be utter fan boys to just post disagrees specially with all the evidence provided.

Its like arguing with someone on religion. I just had a look at all the images, PS4 pretty much looks blurry in all the comparisons. Looks more like low to med detail on the PS4, Keep in mind the PC is only running at 1080p. 2-3 years from now many people will have access to 1440p and 4k gaming at which time you could come back to these games and play them again with much more detail. Obviously PS4 would have fallen much further behind when that happens.

Eonjay1316d ago

This is the specs from the developer. So, if you take issue with it, direct your comments at the developer. It wasn't 'people' who said this (while you link to comments from a different forum). It was the developer.

Spin, lies, deflection... everything you claim to hate about fanboys...

gameboy11315d ago

All this talk about how it looks but most previews have issues with poor physics and inconsistent framerates then you have the backgrounds there not equivalent to high settings ??

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Me-Time1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )


Isn't the article based on nothing but SMS's word? Either way, some of you people need to stop with this "calling out fanboys" nonsense. Avoid using those comments and stick with the truth. Unless you're in need of "controversy" and are pro-negativity, then you're doing just fine.

Honestly, just post the facts, stick with THAT argument/debate and move on. No need to bring up the term "fanboy" into this if you're secure enough to negate what SMS is telling us about the PS4 version. Even then, shadows should be a high priority. Track and car quality, weather effects and environment graphics should be up there. This is only my opinion though.

Go ahead and disagree or tell us there's more to this article than what I'm seeing without calling me or anyone else a "fanboy". Even if they're clearly being irrational for their benefit, use your brain.

Unless you've played pCARS on the PS4 or X1, screenshots aren't the best source to rely on (direct-feed or not, you know there's something wrong with screenshots and even video when you're not seeing a game being played in front of you).

LifeInNZ1317d ago

Looks good, definitely a good substitute in the absence of GT on PS4. I find the draw distance in the rear view mirrors a little annoying though.

inveni01317d ago

I just watched him bump into the back of someone and go beneath their car. =|

Forn1317d ago


Imo the physics look terrible... I've seen more than a few instances of that in different videos... And honestly I was expecting more from the visuals. But I guess that's something that has to be sacrificed sometimes if you go for 60fps on particular hardware, especially if you don't know how to utilize the hardware as well as a 1st party developer. Anyway, I'll probably be skipping out on this for now, not my thing it seems. And besides, The Witcher comes out this month!

Unreal011316d ago

I'll definitely be getting this over The Witcher. Im just going to wait and see with that game, I get the feeling it's going to let a lot of people down.

Khajiit861316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )


What makes you think this game will be so great. If I had to put money on witch game would be better, my money would def go to Witcher 3.

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gameboy11315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Not great...the physics look ps2/ps3 gran turismo....

jay21317d ago

it ok, got a 2K PC, think if a £350 can do medium it can do high.

RumbleFish1317d ago

With a 2K PC you can do ultra settings for track and car detail and get stable 60fps if you set shadows to low and are ok with medium or high detailed grass and medium or high reflections.
It might be a good idea to oc the cpu if you like to race against the AI.

T9001317d ago

A 2k PC will do about 4k at 60FPS, so why would you want to compare that to 1080p 60fps?

For 1080p 60fps you would need a 700-800usd PC tops. Which would come with cheaper games, free online and unlimited BC (in other words cheaper than console in the long run).

Activemessiah1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Not enough for 12k Resolution though... you need to upgrade dude.

lelo2play1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Game looks good.

Angerfist1317d ago

Over on Gtplanet they have serious discussions about ghosting in the PS4. That Effect is not in the X1 Version.
Not sure if this will be fixed with the final Patch.

if it stays like that its weird since its the superior Version as far as resolution goes.

WeAreLegion1317d ago

Weird. I'm sure they'll patch it out.

LifeInNZ1317d ago

Imagine if Sony had not jumped on the 1080p bandwagon as a point of difference so developers could render at 900p as well. Imagine how much more could have been packed in in terms of visuals effects and objects on screen.

No, im not say 1080p is a bad thing, far from it, but what other effects have to be cut to achieve it. For instance, in project cars crowds seem to be cardboard cutouts. Maybe at 900p on PS4 they could have been 3D modeled.

CernaML1317d ago

Sony isnt the one developing Project Cars. It was Slightly Mad's choice to have the game run at 1080p.

LifeInNZ1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Yes, fully aware that Sony is not developing Project Cars but Sony has been pushing that there console does 1080p. Developers are of course free to choose the resolution however, look how they also get slammed if its not 1080p or the same as the X1 version of a game. There is now an expectation that the PS4 is all about 1080p.

A drop to 900p if it means they can pack in more scenery, objects, better particle effects with a garanteed 60fps to me is better than 1080p. Obviously if it can do all of that and still be 1080p then great, but all Im seeing between X1 and PS4 is a pixel difference and maybe a few blades of grass.

Dee_911317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Sacrifice resolution for fully 3d crowds that you will barely see at 100+mph? Your priorities are screwed.
If SMS wanted Project cars to be 720p,30fps on ps4, they would, making it 1080p has nothing to do with people on sites portraying PS4 to be a 1080p machine, let alone anything to do with Sony.Everything you said is complete nonsense.
The ghosting effect is clearly a motion blur glitch, it has nothing to do with performance or lack thereof.Its a coding issue.

UKmilitia1316d ago

so have have all gams looked better and been 1080p then?
this is a bug issue that will be patched out.
Dont knowhow they didnt know though and i have watched a few vids and i didnt notice the issue .

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