Metal Gear Solid 5: MGO's Progression And Map Details To Be Revealed Later, No Plans To Remake MGO2

Learn from the past, look to the future.

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DarkOcelet1267d ago

"It appears that Metal Gear Online may be an actual, viable online game this time around, unlike the last few tries, where it was, at best, a novelty to mess around in, before completely giving up on it."

MGO2 was one of the best online gaming experience. Maybe the author didnt know how to play it right.

DanielGearSolid1267d ago

Freaking blasphemy all MGO's were amazing.

I really hate gamingbolt

DarkOcelet1267d ago

Yeah, but the one that really stood out from the rest was MGO2. I find it weird that the author didnt like it.

SolidStoner1266d ago

its the same stuff with racing games or shooters! many people dont have good reaction etc.. so they suck at these games.. they also say many unnecessary things about them showing theyre incompetence... Unskilled and Unaware about actual things happening there!

actually same stuff going on everywhere!

just_looken1266d ago

Mgo2 what? na not the stupid dlc credit card hacked open in a year crap one i prefer mgo 1 the game were hideo kojima himself went in the game and mass mailed everyone thanking us for playing.

I was online till the last second and got the message.

KyRo1266d ago

I loved MGO2 but it was way to easy to get headshots. Made getting killed cheap sometimes. I loved some of the unique modes too. Here's hoping there's no Konami ID system.