Destructoid E3 08: Hands-on with Infinite Undiscovery

Destructoid writes: "First impressions are very, very important. Case in point: despite my love of Square-Enix games, when I heard about Infinite Undiscovery last September, all I could think was "That is the stupidest f*cking name for an RPG I have ever head in my life." It's the latter half I can't handle. Making up a word is certainly ok, but butchering a preexisting one just violates the rules of grammar in a way that messes up my tailfeathers.
Because of this initial impression, I walked up to the game on the E3 show floor this morning with no expectations whatsoever and little knowledge of what I would actually get to play. All I knew was that the screenshots were pretty, the battle system was real time, and I was still really mad about the stupid name."

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