Destiny: The Best Weapons for PVP and Trials

IGN: "We ask the Patrick from Planet Destiny what the best legendary and exotic weapons are for PVP."

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masterfox1264d ago ShowReplies(3)
DeweyGerardo1264d ago

i've not played it and it doesn't seem to be my type of game

jdiggitty1264d ago

Thank god I have a Hawkmoon is all I'm saying. Yep, I'm going to be that guy.

objdadon1264d ago

I love my hawkmoon! Best gun ever!!!

xHeavYx1264d ago

I tried the Hawkmoon and Thorn, and I prefer the second one, especially if you play with friends and go in groups, I feel it's a lot easier to kill enemies, and you get a ton of Postmortem medals (or whatever they are called)

jdiggitty1264d ago

I dislike the sights on Thorn. And I'm thinking the postmortem kill allows the guy to get closer to a revive. A lot of guys retreat after getting hit with the first shot or two. Though, that might make a nice strat to use 2 Thorns to herd them towards a point or super maybe?

Might have to break out my Midas and see how it works after I get the last perk. The RoF might actually be quicker time to kill than the Moon and you get a speed boost and third eye.

brettyd1264d ago

The Last Word, that is all.