At E3, Sony Says 'Just Wait' - But Can Consumers?

Gamasutra's Christian Nutt returns from attending Sony's E3 2008 press conference to look past the announcements and analyze the trends, asking primarily - was Sony's message to consumers targeted to the now, or to the soon?

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Hydrolex3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Can the 360 consumers wait to get their 360 repaired ? if yes then yes PS3 consumers can


Hydrolex3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

I wish you could get delayed too.

Damn I never trust condomes

If you were delayed then you could have better brain, you could be more handsome not like now, ugly bald with sunglasses and mustach around your eye with 4 inch penis and 2 ballz like marbles

Snukadaman3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

is that something in home....where you can buy a condome and put ikea furniture in it? Dumb ass f*cking droids..roflmao

mikeslemonade3771d ago

That's so funny I think I have go do three one-handed pushups.

AngryHippo3771d ago

....i love it when people laugh at their own comments. What's a 'condome' btw?! You idiot.

Veryangryxbot3771d ago

Sony said wait?

Europe gets PLAYTV first instead of Movie downloads! OWNED

SOCOM, LBP, R2, Motorstorm 2 all this FALL!
These people must be stuck in time or something. This isnt 2006. LBP is an October release for instance. Thats barely 3 months AWAY!

2008 is like what people have been saying for over 7 months now. its the year of the PS3. It started with Blu Ray kicking into high gear in the FIRST weeks of January! Merry Xmas and a happy new 2008 BOTS! hahaha. Then PS3 sales started kicking 360 sales every month. Multi platform games saw PS3 sales surpassing 360 sales. MGS4 metacritics 9.6 GAME OF THE DECADE. Firmware 2.41 made PSN practically ON PAR with LIVE. And now all those delicious PS3 exclusive games are lined up.

Year of PS3 instead. So what does the 360 have? A few new services that noone is interested about and a severe lack of games? Ok 360 clearly walking behind facts.

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toughNAME3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Delays automatically make a better product -

See Haze and Killzone 2 for details

3771d ago
Fishy Fingers3771d ago

I think they're talking more about Jack T's statements during the Sony keynote, telling customers it maybe years before we see what the PS3 can really do.

But still it was taken slightly out of context, I think it was more their way of trying to reinstall Sonys commitment to offer consumers longevity, letting the customers know, if a PS3 was bought now it will only get better and better over time giving value for your investment.

It's not really talking about game delays. At all.

Rob0g0rilla3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

If the current 08 lineup doesn't change for PS3 then I'll be satisfied. I hope Wipeout HD comes this year.

SoIid Snake3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Rushing a product makes it stable.

See Xbox 360 for details.

On-topic: My game (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots) is only scratching the surface. Ask Colonel Roy Campbell.

mikeslemonade3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Jack Tretton has to reinforce the PlayStation strategy into some of you thick skulled people with short term memory spans. PS1, PS2, PSP were/are all long term projects and the PS3 is no different. While a certain other system has there 2007 games that are higher rated and looked better than most of their 2008 games. On PlayStation you won't ever see that. A older generation game will always in general look better and perform better. On PlayStation it's the only system you get your moneys worth.

kevin11223771d ago

i dont get your comment, haze is garbage. But are you implying killzone is garbage? It is only the best looking game on any console.

mesh13771d ago

i cant wait beyond any more that why as a ps3 owner i got a 360

SL1M DADDY3771d ago

And it was well worth it. I waited an extra year for the PS3 over the 360 and got a better working console that has yet to break. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. Now that the wait for great games is over, I am truly getting the best gaming experience the PS3 has to offer. And now, Jack T. tells me the best is yet to come? All I have to say to that is BRING IT ON!

I have all the time in the world to wait for great games and when they hit, I will be glad I did.

thebudgetgamer3770d ago

if uncharted is not the best they can do then WOW

Wii60Fan3770d ago

Haze? Seriously you are joking right? Haze SUCKED.

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PoSTedUP3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

look at what im enjoying now and look at what i have to look forward to.

mlb 08 the show
i got a bunch of multiplatform games also...

soon to buy more games b4 resistance2, LBP etc. comes out.

im the #2 SOCOM fan in the world- so you know how i feel about that.. : D

like damn... just look at all the stuff thats coming man. and just look at all the stuff thats already out.....


Sheddi3770d ago

why #2 and not #1? :S

PoSTedUP3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

im ranked #2 in the WORLD, the dude thats ranked #1 is probably a bigger fan than me : P : O ; )

Prismo_Fillusion3771d ago

I already own a PS3, so of course I'm going to wait. I'll just continue playing Wii games and PC games as filler between the amazing PS3 titles that are in the works.

soul899er3771d ago

bubbles to that! so true.

Wii60Fan3770d ago

Buy an 360 and have it all.

princejb1343770d ago

na 360 dont have it all if not i will still be playing mines
ill wait for gears 2 then ill see

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