PS4 outsold Xbox One more than 4-to-1 LTD in Germany

Boerse Online:
In the race for supremacy in the market for game consoles attracts Sony archrival Microsoft on in Germany and it. This is evident from the current data of the Society for Consumer Research ( GfK forth), present the BÖRSE ONLINE. After that Sony has from the start of PS4 in November 2014, the German market totaled 1.6 million units sold by the end of March. Microsoft comes with its Xbox One in the same period to around 378,000 units.

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greenmiker1263d ago

PS4 goes very well in Europe. I didnt wait though so big difference in numbers...

Transistor1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

France is Xbox One's best market in EU. The PS4 is outselling it around 2.25 to 1.

PS4 - 1.1 million
Xbox One - 416k

Basically, besides NA and the UK, France is the Xbox One's biggest market and it not even close to 1 million.

Dario_DC1263d ago

In Nice we have a few Micromania shops (france gamestop) I really don't see many Xbox One gamers around.

kraenk121263d ago

UK is in the EU as well....still ;)

angelusbrz1263d ago

France is mostly Nintendo-Land, Sony then Microsoft, that tell much about how the Xbox One is failing in EU0.

Transistor1262d ago

Sorry no offense, my mistake. I meant aside from the UK, but didn't write it.

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SaveFerris1263d ago

I guess the Germans have always like Playstation.

MightyNoX1263d ago

Kinda. Xbox 360 did good in Germany.

But the first Xbone advertisement showed American consumer nonsense (NFL etc) and that was a huge turn-off. You also had the German secretary for security calling the The Bone "a nightmare machine"

That kind of stigma sticks.

shadowT1263d ago

I had the Impression, that the Xbox 360 sold very well here in Germany.

AndrewLB1263d ago Show
BABY-JEDI1263d ago

All part of Sony's Schlieffen plan baby. It's that marketing pincer effect

Hoffmann1263d ago

No wonder, we Germans have taste and know whats good ;)

opoikl1263d ago

Beethoven and Goethe agree wholeheartedly!

Fireseed1263d ago

Your choice in leadership can be hit or miss though...

poor_cus_of_games1263d ago

Ha good one. Been ages since I had a snigger at a N4G comment that didn't involve fan boy comments.

Jubez1871262d ago

I mean if you're referencing hitler...he was a pretty amazing leader for Germany. He was like the 1940s version of Drake. Started from the Bottom AND 0-100 REAL quick.

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The story is too old to be commented.