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Majin-vegeta1354d ago

And now we play the waiting game....for the GOTY edition.

poppinslops1354d ago

Indeed... Batgirl's cool, but she ain't $40.

TheJacksonRGN1354d ago

Yeah, but she isn't the only thing in the season pass. Read the article. Also they still haven't revealed all the details yet.

Personally, I'm still not willing to get it either.

freshslicepizza1354d ago

that's how they want it. buy the game when it first comes out and then re-release the game later as a game of the year edition with all the content.

unlike movies they only have usually one release launch for games. they are trying to change that with dlc and game of the year editions. movies on the other hand have theatrical, home video and then video on demand.

Reibooi1353d ago

The thing with me is if they even know what some of the stuff is going to be why did they not just say what they had planned and then just saw we have more as well but we need to get the details nailed down.

I am so tired of games companies being so cloak and dagger with info that should be let out to help to calm fans and prevent a backlash that most times fans are justified in making.

I mean it kinda in a way reminds me of the whole Far Cry 4 reveal with the picture of Pagan Min and people freaking out over racism and what not. If they had just given more info about the character and story of the game people would have been more understanding.

The same can apply here. If we know what our 40$ is getting us then people will be more inclined to either buy it or just leave it be instead of freaking out about what the hell is in it.

extermin8or1353d ago

Tbh they probably didn't give more specific details to avoid a backlash where people claim you witheld content or that it should have been in the main release. Also maybe people should stop jumping the gun in the case of stuff like farcry 4 reveal?

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Vegamyster1354d ago

I'll probably get the premium edition that includes the season pass, PC version pre-order is $35 on CDKeys.

DragonKnight1354d ago

I didn't disagree because what you do with your money is your business, but I'd imagine some people are disagreeing with you because you're part of the problem. You're saying that a $40 season pass is perfectly fine with you because you're just getting it as part of a deal anyway. WB loves people like you, it legitimizes their price gouging.

Macosan1354d ago

Just bought this from CDkeys for the same price. I also bought my PSN and Xbox live memberships from them. They have some insane prices.

Velyx1353d ago

Nuuvem has/had it for 26.50. I'm kinda regretting it now since I would have just waited for it to hit $5 during a steam sale with all this season pass nonsense.

Vegamyster1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )


When they put out the GOTY edition it'll probably be a full $60-$70 CAN, $35 for everything is essentially paying for that version of the game minus the name without having to wait a year. If i was trying to legitimize their price gouging I'd pay full price on Steam then wait for a sale on the Season pass while trying to convince people that making this extra content requires time and effort and they shouldn't give it away for free - I'm not - I'm merely looked for the best deal that i could find and I'm sure most people would a agree that $35 without the season pass for a big AAA game that's not out yet would be a great deal, let alone with the pass included, if anything WB doesn't want bargain hunters like me lol.

DragonKnight1353d ago

Like I said, I don't care what you do with your money. WB does though. For them, you bought a Season Pass. Whether they make up the difference from Steam, CDKeys, or wherever, that's a $40 Season Pass sold for them. The difference between what you just did, and a GOTY edition is the "heat" of sales. Everyone knows that a game is hottest for the first month, and even a GOTY edition rarely ever gets as hot as the initial launch. You pre-ordered and bought a $40 Season Pass for DLC content that isn't worth $40 and is still part of a practice of asking people to have faith in WB to deliver good DLC.

Conversely, everyone knows what they're getting with a GOTY edition, and the value of the game has gone down for WB a year later. There's less incentive for people to buy it with other games out, and pre-ordering a GOTY game is essentially pointless because they can't really add anything else to it since GOTY games are really just the complete version.

So mathematically you may be getting the same thing as everyone else, earlier and cheaper, but WB is using it as justification for their practices and counting you as someone that supports $40 Season Passes that aren't worth that price. And that's why people disagree with you.

Vegamyster1353d ago


"You pre-ordered and bought a $40 Season Pass for DLC content that isn't worth $40 and is still part of a practice of asking people to have faith in WB to deliver good DLC."

I didn't pre-order anything yet and the deal in the link is for the full game & season pass, not just the pass.

"you bought a Season Pass. Whether they make up the difference from Steam, CDKeys, or wherever, that's a $40 Season Pass sold for them."

The only thing they can say is X amount of people bought a season pass, on the same website the game without the season pass bundled in for $30 so i could do that as well.

ShinMaster1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Isn't that deal only for Europe? Not North America?

I'm seeing mostly UK stuff.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1353d ago

No its not UK, he has a Calgary Flames emblem and is talking CAD (Canadian dollars).

Vegamyster1353d ago

There is a little Earth icon next to the Steam one that tells you if its region locked or not, the deal is worldwide.

ginsunuva1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

People without gaming PCs are soooooo mad right now.

EDIT: Also bought the CDKeys deal. I just hope WB realizes we bought it only because of the price, and not because we actually wanted the Season Pass.

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sigfredod1354d ago

cool that they finally detail the season pass content, still not getting the $40 from me though

forgetmenot1354d ago

why are they 3 down votes? dlc is bullshit. pre-made add on from the start for the 4th time people.

dcj05241354d ago

Most DLC is DLC because they started making it in the middle or end of development so it would never meet the set release date.

Gamer19821354d ago

Another reason why i'm going PC for this game the premium edition which includes the season pass right now is £25 (from cdkeys website). The console version is £100.. Thats insane..

People say PC is expensive but when your saving £75 a game PC is easily the cheaper choice.. Just a shame I need to keep my PS4 around for my JRPGs lol.

DragonKnight1354d ago

You'd better hope the game works on PC at launch. Just because you're happy that it's cheaper, doesn't mean you'll be happy when it launches.

kayoss1353d ago

Why is this game cheaper on pc???

extermin8or1353d ago

£100 wtf where are you buying your games? £65 total... for me like its more yeah but not much more

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Number-Nine1353d ago


Movies dont cost $60.

poppinslops1353d ago

They don't need to win the big GotY award to release a GotY edition... so long as there's a website or a magazine that declares Arkham Knight to be the year's best action/adventure game, it's 'legit'.

Rocksteady did 'GotY' editions for both of the previous Arkham games... they'll do it for Arkham Knight as well.

1353d ago
Blaze9291353d ago

i dont care what they add quite frankly - $40 IS basically a new game. And i DOUBT any downloadable content for this title will feel like the equivalent to a new game.

We cannot and should not allow this type of pricing to become the norm - no matter what.

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One-Shot1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Will say the new details do make it a little better. Still pretty pricy.

nicksetzer11354d ago

Yea, sounds to me like a $20-25 expansion, similar to red dead or oblivion/skyrim content wise at least. Then again, it is surely worth more than a few maps for COD, so it is hard to say what value is these days.

MaGNeZiouM1354d ago

If you pre-order the premium edition from PlayStation Store which include the Game + Season Pass, you'll have it for $89.99 instead of $100

Then the season pass will only cost $30 instead of $40

I think it is a good deal

aLucidMind1354d ago

Why is Batgirl in it? Oracle was in the last two games and is going to be in this one. If I remember right, there was only ever one Batgirl; Joker broke her spine and she became Oracle. Makes no sense to me.

poppinslops1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's a prequel story... that would explain the rumors about the Joker being in the game.

Also, You may have just spoiled the ending... great job!

InTheLab1354d ago

Spoiled a plot point from 20 years ago. ..

aLucidMind1354d ago

It is well-known Batgirl and Oracle are Barbara Gordon, and that Oracle was Batgirl. Barbara's injury is mentioned in Asylum, with her bio describing Joker injuring her. It's also occurred in several comic series where the two identities exist. You can't exactly spoil something that both Asylum and City have both outright stated in dialogue in addition to having bios that went into detail as to what happened. This injury is a staple in just about every Batman story and each story has a different take as to what leads up to her injury. The injury is well-known and is a rather minor event because of it; I wouldn't lose sleep over that detail. I've read several different variations that still managed to get me to go "damn!" despite knowing what's coming up, and I'm a huge stickler when it comes to narrative. That's how minor that 'spoiler' actually is lol.

just_looken1354d ago

Oracle was a temporary thing she got experimental surgery after years in the chair.

After the surgury batgirl was back but if they included this they should also include batgirls birds of prey.

TheJacksonRGN1354d ago

Maybe if you read the article you would see. It is a prequel story.

No there have been more than one Batgirl (look it up) but it clearly states it is a prequel story.

aLucidMind1354d ago

I already read the article, the fact that it is a prequel story means little. It is likely one for this game, not a prequel for Arkham Asylum. If this were the Gordon Batgirl, it still makes no sense. Also, I looked it up prior to writing my initial comment. All I could find was how Barbara Gordon was Batgirl; nothing on anyone else taking that identity.

Maybe start making fewer assumptions.

HannibalBarca1354d ago


Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain have both held the Batgirl mantle

You must have not looked very hard as this is pretty common knowledge among comic readers

TheJacksonRGN1353d ago

"It is likely one for this game, not a prequel for Arkham Asylum."

Maybe take your own advice for making fewer assumptions.

"If this were the Gordon Batgirl, it still makes no sense."

How does it not make sense? She was once Batgirl and the Joker brought that to an end. This prequel could follow that storyline. It is a prequel, it can take place at any point in time they choose between Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight. Still counts as a prequel.

As for looking in on Batgirl. You clearly didn't look hard enough. In fact, it wasn't difficult to find at all. Typed in Batgirl and clicked the second or third link that showed up.

aLucidMind1353d ago

I wasn't making any assumptions, I was stating that I felt it was merely more probable. Meaning both are still possible. Maybe learn what an assumption is before trying to be a hard-ass about it.

If it were the Gordon Batgirl, it wouldn't make sense for her to be Oracle if she were still essentially crippled... and it's been confirmed that Oracle is in Arkham Knight as a bigger key character than in previous games. So no, the only time a Batgirl prequel would make sense is if it was between Origins and Asylum or if it was a different Batgirl. While it still counts as a prequel, I was saying it is unlikely one stretching that far back because it makes little sense to me to make one going back before the last two games since Joker is dead.

And yes, I looked. All that came up in Google for me was article after article of that comic cover with Joker holding a gun to Batgirl's head (controversy for the sake of controversy articles, basically) followed solely by a few wikis that only mention Barbara Gordon. Once again, no need to be a hard-ass as there is literally no reason for you to be; if you cannot respond without trying to be one, you should probably remain silent.

zekk1353d ago

They could be using Cassandra Cain. She became batgirl after Barbara and huntress.

TricksterArrow1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Even though this game could be a prequel, currently, Barbara Gordon had surgery done and extensive physical therapy to get back walking. After some time she reclaimed her Batgirl identity, although she does suffer some psychological issues because of the episode with the Joker and this is actually a pretty big plot point regarding her character in her earlier "New 52" comics... Which are pretty good, IMO.

zekk1353d ago

But Barbara is a red head the one in the image isnt

TricksterArrow1353d ago

Actually, she may be. The image features a rainy setting, that is why her hair seems darker.

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CyrusLemont1354d ago

Sweet stuff, but still a bit too pricey

RealFry1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

I have no problem with DLC especially story DLC, but to have it ready this early? And for $40 on a single-player game? Even FC4 season pass was too expensive at $30 and its both online and singleplayer. This season pass should have been $15-20 well AFTER the release of the game.

Regardless, the only thing worth playing in any season pass is the story content, especially in a batman game. I'll wait and see how much they plan to really add to the expansion, but paying $40 already doesn't seem worth it.

On the facebook page people are already gushing with praise at the announcement of story missions without even knowing how substantial they will be! For all they know it could be some really cheap 1-2hr side quests with some short cinematics, lol.

ShadowNextGen1354d ago

It isn't ready "this early". There is some of this stuff you won't see until the end of this year or early next. Rocksteady has said it will be released over six months or so and the game isn't out until late June.

RealFry1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

It's a good point, but I was referring to the announcement in general. I just think this practice of announcing seasons passes and early DLC before the main game is even out opens a can of worms. I even saw people praise WB on facebook to the point of accepting the price increase on the Season pass, stuff like this sets a precedent for other publishers to start charging more. Then later on people ask why games are so expensive? and its thanks to people like those on the facebook comments, the casuals who just dont care, lol.

I see that same mentality on mobile games I play, and its not healthy for the industry or the consumer.

Lucreto1354d ago

They have been bug blasting for the last two months and not everyone in the studio is doing that. It anything most of this new content it still in pre-alpha stage or they haven't even started yet. They will be slowly releasing it over 6 months. I would not be surprised if it was just character skims for the first few months while working on the bigger chunks for later.