Coming To The ESO Crown Store In May: Wicked Cool Costumes, Mounts, And Pet

Skyrim Fansite writes: "New Ordinator costumes, mounts and a pet fox headline new items coming to the ESO Crown Store this month.

Yesterday, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) announced this month’s new Crown Store items. Coming May 7, 2015, players will be able to purchase a new costume pack, a new pet, and two new mounts.

Every month, ZOS will be releasing new items for purchase in The Elder Scrolls Online cash shop. Last month, players were treated to four unique vanity pets — as well as the Senche Leopard mount sold for a limited time during Welcome Back Weekend.

Coming to the ESO Crown Store on May 7:

- Ordinator Costume Pack (includes classic Ordinator armor, Hands of Almalexia armor, and elite Night-Raid armor),
- Golden Eye Guar Mount (alas, does not wear a tuxedo or carry a license to kill),
- Palomino Horse Mount
- Fennec Fox Pet"

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