Watch Nearly an Hour of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Gameplay on PS4

Almost an hours worth of footage from the upcoming expansion.

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crazychris41241268d ago

Looks good but damn is the file size big. Its 34.4 GB on Steam, happy I upgraded my connection speeds, should only take an an hour.

chrish19901268d ago

Hope the fact it's massive in size means it'll be doing away with the low-textures that were in The New Order. Man they were so off-putting.

ramza041268d ago

And awful texture pop ins due to the rage engine

Darkwatchman1267d ago

Highly doubt it. The New Order was 51 GB

Priestwithgun1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

7 days for me..... 56k

Gonna buy discs if I even buy it coz with new order their pricing in india was really bad

jkuli61268d ago

Any date for the disc version?

Kingdomcome2471268d ago

I asked at Gamestop and they didn't have a physical version in their system. I really want a physical copy to go with The New Order, but I went ahead and bought the digital version.

Kingdomcome2471267d ago

Europe, New Zealand, and Australia only get a physical release on May 15'th.

Gore-Content1268d ago

no thanks. playing the game myself is more fun.

mkis0071268d ago

Need to go finish the new order...I had school papers to write this whole semester. Thus is the life of a history major :(

OdieEsty1268d ago

You should, it's a really top notch shooter.

blakstarz1268d ago

This looks just as much fun as Wolfenstein was if not more....can't wait for this. Machine Games is definitely a dev group to keep an eye on as they have breathed new life into this franchise, if they can nail a multi-player aspect of this game (or a future Wolfenstein game) that made RTCW on the original Xbox so popular back in the days, they will have my full support.

But so far I love the emphasis on the enrichment of single player experience, need more games like this.

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