The Last of Us Fan Cinematic Cut Gives You Just the Story

Even your friends and family who don't play games can now enjoy The Last of Us' story.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

The game is much better when you play it.
Nice Project so far. It's looking like a TV show

KryptoniteTail1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I don't like the crappy stealth mechanics and difficulty, but otherwise TLoU is good, but thanks to that I never beat it. I've always wanted a cinematic mode for story based games, especially like Heavy Rain and Beyond. Let's Plays are good for that, but games need the option. Dragon's Lair is a good example of another game I don't like playing but want to watch, but luckily it's got my desired cinematic mode.

Honestly, if DL can do it, why not other games? Some may be tough to do but even Visual Novels lack this option. It needs to get popularized. What if you're a non-gamer, or a game is too hard? What if the gameplay sucks? What if you already beat it to death but love the story, or want to save time, or show someone else?

Another great option is a better scene select/chapter select feature and rewind/fast forward, plus captions (captions are most common of these options but still not omnipresent). One more thing, skippable cutscenes, that needs to be an optiin even on your first run.

BiggerBoss1264d ago

The stealth mechanics were awesome and the game wasnt even that hard (on normal). Shame you didnt finish the game, but to each their own.

omarcomingyo1264d ago

Why did you bother buying the game then? It was very well documented exactly what was in it!!

OpenGL1264d ago

If you just want a story watch a movie or read a book.

Games like The Last Of Us are great not because of their story but because of the blend of story and gameplay.

BoriboyShoGUN1264d ago

TLOU isn't event a difficult game.

angelusbrz1264d ago

Grounded difficulty is pretty tough...

sourav931264d ago

Man...if you thought TLoU was a difficult game...I'd love to watch you play Bloodborne/Souls.

WellyUK1264d ago

TLoU grounded mode is harder than Bloodborne...

goldwyncq1264d ago

Or maybe you're just crappy at stealth. There's nothing wrong with it at all.

guyman1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

"I don't like the crappy stealth mechanics and difficulty"

Ha'ers gon ha'e

remixx1161264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Wow this idea is kinda stupid.......more options are great and all but your literally asking Devs to take the "game" out of videogame.

So your literally saying let's have these devs make glorified CGI TV shows.....

Sorry its just........I can't really wrap my head around the idea of a mode where you paid 60 dollars for the game.......just to watch the cutscenes.

The games stealth mechanics are no where near bad and it isn't really that hard on normal, this just seems like your being lazy.....

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Dan_scruggs1264d ago

This is a pretty good example of why The Last of Us wouldn't work as a movie. The overall plot is a meandering mess. Characters show up for a moment for little to no reason and before you can blink they are gone with no bearing on the story at large. Usually to have them die in a shocking way. While individual scenes are effective and always well acted the connecting pieces are nonexistent. One moment Ellie is a crying murderous horrified mess the next she is seemingly fine looking at Giraffes the story jumps around with little to no sens of time progression. And after all the fighting, freezing, fungus monsters, gun fights and booby traps Ellie is felled by falling into a river and robbed of the hardest decision she would ever have to make in her life. It's impossible to deny the presentation but it would make for a pretty unsatisfying movie to say the least.

Allsystemgamer1264d ago

There's always that one guy.

The story isn't a mess. It's easy to follow. People avoid death every day and many fail only to be ended by something completely dumb like getting drunk and drowning in a puddle of water. Just because something happens to a character that isn't as spectacular as the feats they've accomplished doesn't make it irrelevant.

Not only that but your jumping all over the place speak...the game takes place over a year so obviously Ellie's emotions will change. I'm not still upset over people I've personally lost within the last year or 2. Yea it's Aweful but I'm not in tears about it. Not everyone is like batman and cries for 20 years.

KryptoniteTail1264d ago

Lol @ fanboys who can't accept that their game is flawed and people have differing opinions. Stupid f****. Here's the s*** you daft children spewed:

1. I must be bad at stealth? I guess I didn't do a no kill, lose if spotted, no radar hardest mode run on MGS2. But I suck. Lol okay? TLoU stealth is crap. It's a tacked on pos to what's already just an Uncharted mod. Grow up.

2. If I just want story go read/watch film? Uh, how about I just use a cinematic mode like in Dragon's Lair? Retards.

3. Why did I buy the game when it detailed its contents? Well it didn't detail its awful mechanics, tell you that.

4. It wasn't hard? Shet kills you in one shot and stealth doesn't work so it is hard. Frustrating crap.

Raging fanboy disagrees get me hard. Can't even have an opinion or legit gripe without being crucified. Losers.

TLOU STEALTH IS S***. Enjoy your Uncharted/Resident Evil/Broken Version of Splinter Cell uninspired gameplay concoction you blind sheep.

Allsystemgamer1264d ago

No you're just bad at the game. The stealth is fine. I beat the game without being spotted and it wasn't that hard. All the stealth is in mgs2 is don't make noise and stay out of the vision cone. It's extremely dated mechanically.

You're telling people to grow up yet acting like that spoiled child on the playground who starts screaming and crying when no one wants to play his game. You're the one who needs to do some growing up.

Good day.

Darkwatchman1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

The Last of Us is honestly an extremely easy game. Hell, hard feels like what normal should have been. It's very forgiving too with extremely plentiful checkpoints and save points all over the place on hard, normal, and easy.

Aloy-Boyfriend1264d ago

Omg aahahaha. You need professional help.

BitbyDeath1264d ago

You should have just stuck to an easier difficulty when playing, you might have worked out the stealth mechanics then too.

Adexus1264d ago

"Grow up."

The irony.

BoriboyShoGUN1263d ago

Whats hard about the stealth??? Don't make noise or run, and they give u distractions such as the bottles etc.

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joel011264d ago

@KryptoniteTail..have you even really played it ? The stealth mechanics is actually really good , while the AI acts weird on rare occasions, I loved the no button cover system and the takedowns..there are so many different ways to tackle every situation and distracting the enemies. Loved completing the game on grounded mode , hard but equally satisfying.

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