Electronic Theatre Review: Xbox360: Disney/Pixar's Wall*E

Following last week's In-depth Review of the PlayStation2 release, you'd be forgiven for predicting the arrival of this analysis of the Xbox360 release. The Disney/Pixar's Wall*E releases are strikingly different between handheld, Previous-Generation and Current-Generation on first glance, and the title's publisher, THQ, are keen for the press – and therefore the public – to recognise these differences. But, for all the publisher hype, can the extra horsepower of the Current-Generation really make a big difference on a formulaic Platform title?
The answer to that question is an easy one: yes. The Xbox360 not only looks different to its PlayStation2-brethren, but also plays differently within the same traditional Platform genre thematic. The differences are evident from the very first Level – Heavy Iron Studios have obviously gone to great lengths to ensure that the Current-Generation release of Disney/Pixar's Wall*E utilises the extra power available to it, as opposed to simply adding a gloss coat to the already respectable PlayStation2 release. A commendable effort, at least, from-the-off...

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