Mario Maker Can Be A Game Changer For Nintendo And Its Relationship With Gamers

Sometimes a game has the power to seize the imagination from the moment it's revealed, with a self-hyping capacity to get thousands of gamers excited from little more than a glimpse. Others can be a slow burner or need the right moment to set off alarms in an individual's head. This writer will admit that, while always being aware of the merits and potential success of Mario Maker, that personal lightbulb moment only arrived with a slightly silly 30 second video in the last few days.

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4Scarrs_Gaming1317d ago

Looks like Nintendo is on track with this title. As long as they keep adding content via DLC this will take off like hot cakes!

ArnoDorian1317d ago

yup yup, I'll definitely be using this and make really really hard mario levels :D

1317d ago
AWBrawler1316d ago

Might be the most active miiverse community ever