Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae (Hands-On) (PlayStation 4) Preview | Cubed3

Purchasers of Final Fantasy Type-0 were treated to a demo for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, and indeed some fans bought Type-0 just to get their hands on this demo. The game was originally known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, part of Square Enix's Fabula Nova Crystallis series, and was announced in 2006 to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Since then, it has been kept very much under wraps, with little information being released around it. That is until 2013, when the platform jump to the next generation was announced, along with a rebranding to a numbered title. Cubed3 goes hands-on with the first demo to taste the upcoming goodness…

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NoctisPendragon1268d ago

Loved that preview , looking forward to the review of the complete game.