The best PC hardware for Grand Theft Auto 5

Digital Foundry:
Grand Theft Auto 5: we've tested and benchmarked the title on every single-chip enthusiast-level graphics card on the market right now. It's been quite the undertaking, but with the game notching up stratospheric sales in the last couple of weeks, we thought it would be worth it. Rockstar has created a highly scalable remaster - in our tests, a modest PC equipped with an £80 graphics card can trade blows with the PlayStation 4, while at the other extreme, engaging max settings can even cause problems for the £900 Titan X - but it's important to stress that while the GPU is one of the most important aspects of your gaming PC, recent games have pushed the importance of the CPU to the forefront - and GTA 5 is no exception.

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greenmiker1265d ago

Nice article by DF. GTA V looks really great on PC.

ninjahunter1264d ago

Im quite impressed with the i3 performance, a midrange dual core that can handle max settings while never going below 30fps(That I saw at least).