Destiny Xur Vs RE 4 Merchant

Destiny's Xur Agent of the Nine versus the snarly Merchant in Resident Evil 4. Which one is best?

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jhpadilla1318d ago

Xur sucks eggs... Rotten ones.

crusf1318d ago

Does Xur give you a tommy gun? No. RE 4 merchant wins.

admiralvic1318d ago

No, but he does have the Gjallarhorn and that thing both looks and is awesome.

Bansai1318d ago

RE4 Merchant is legendary by now, this Xur guy is some unworthy random in comparison.

OmegaShen1318d ago

Should be Xur Vs Dragonball Xenoverse masters.

Lord_Sloth1318d ago

How is that even remotely comparable? Xur is a shop, the Merchant is a shop. The Masters are people who give you tasks and make you play missions to complete said tasks.

OmegaShen1318d ago

Both you look for, one can be found every day he comes.

Meaning, you can finish training with every master but one and it can take days for that master to show up.

Lord_Sloth1318d ago

.....You look for a lot of people in games.....All the time...

-Foxtrot1318d ago

Can't believe they never put a weapon buy/sell system like the Merchant in RE5...not having to complete a level or die to upgrade. I liked how you needed to find his blue flame in the distance to know where he was.

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