Reggie Spotted at Xbox Focus Hands on with Halo Wars

Halo Wars, it's one hell of a big title, and one hell of a change from the traditional Halo gameplay. Halo games are known for fast action and quick intense fights. Real Time Strategy games on the other hand are famous, infamous to some, for their long drawn out sessions and slower, more methodical matches. Banking on Halo players to make the transition could be risky, not to mention that no console RTS has yet managed to prove as popular as it's PC counterpart. For their first ever non PC game Ensemble Studios, the people behind the acclaimed Age of Empires series, are confident that they've done the seemingly impossible and created a real RTS experience for the Xbox 360.

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Silogon3743d ago

You'll see Mario wars on the wii by spring. Wait and see. Nintendo and Microsoft can't help but steal ideas anymore.

R&C > Galaxy
Trophies > Medals
Mii's > avatars
Live > PSN > whatever the hell nintendo thinks their online service is

t-0_ot-3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Lmao. You're an idiot. Now, please do me a favor. List what Sony copied off of both Nintendo and Microsoft.. I'll help you out with a few.

Wii controller > Six Axis
Achievements > Trophies > Medals
Live > PSn
Mii's > Home > Avatars
xBox In-Game > In-Game XMB

And, there is PLENTY more I can list.. Stop being a fckin moron.. Sony copies just as much as everyone else..

Silogon3743d ago

Can't read, [email protected] RASH?

I said Live > PSN > Whatever Nintendo has

Sixaxis was under patent way before wiimote was, learn your facts before you try to sound intelligent about a source matter ya damn spooner.

t-0_ot-3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )


No, I can't read. =) I just wanted to list it again to try and get it through your thick head.

And, you can only come up with an excuse or comeback for one of the things I listed.. Nice..

And, how bout you learn the "whole story" instead of just speaking "half the truth."

mistertwoturbo3743d ago

So what's the big deal? Who's not to say any of these CEOs, PR spokesperson, etc. etc. doesn't own a system from the competitor?

They are Human just like anybody else. The only difference is that when they're on stage, they have to put on a show.

LJWooly3743d ago

Halo isn't known for "fast action", it's actually a relatively slow-paced game.

Tarasque3743d ago

Hmmmmm......Well going by your avatar you have never even played halo online. It is fast paced!

3743d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.