Why I hate pausable real-time RPG combat

The big choices about who to side with, the gang of companions who open up the more you talk to them, the romances—so many of the things we think of as quintessential BioWare began in Baldur’s Gate 2. It seemed like BioWare had seen what Obsidian had achieved with the Infinity Engine in Planescape: Torment the year before and stepped up their game in response.

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StevenSeagul1359d ago

You'll love pausable combat when you desperately need to take a slash in the middle of a long gaming session.

Bigpappy1359d ago

I really don't see why someone would complain about being able to pause a game. That would only be a problem in an MMO. Pausing during combat can actually cause you to loose your rhythm or attack plan. So it isn't like its some type of cheat or something.

MegaRay1358d ago

Ok. Dont pause then.

I hate when games wont pause cutscenes. And now people want unpausable combat? Can we complain more about DLC and broken games and less about optional stuff?