Video Game deals this weekend (5/2) from Amazon & others (US)

May the fourth is coming soon, and videogame retailers are getting ready, with Starwars deals on Amazon, Steam, PSN, etc.

Amazon have a free ebook today about Retro Gaming, it's nerdy and awesome!

GameDealDaily have the Last of Us Remastered for PS4 at $12.75. A new Weekly Humble Bundle is here, this week pay what you want for FarSky, Race the sun and other cool games. Persona4 Arena Ultimax is $20.46 for PS3 on amazon, Ys Chronicles 1 is out on android for $4.99, and more going on this weekend.

ArnoDorian3364d ago

Is that Yuffie in that embedded Image?

pompombrum3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Nah, it's from the Deception 4 game I think.

ArnoDorian3364d ago

ahh ok cus that clothing attire and character design looks a bit too similar to yuffie


elnacho3364d ago

I think it's a screenshot from deception iv

memots3363d ago

nice pic choice to make it to top of the page


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Cockney17m ago

Almost a decade on and the free updates are still coming

boing114m ago

Insane support! Best redemption arc in the industry.

mkis0078m ago

Hey look! You can support your game and not have it be called live service. 1 time fee got us all these updates.


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