Square Enix on DX12: "It took around three weeks to get the basic rendering working on DirectX 12"

During this year’s Build Developer Conference, Microsoft showcased an amazing tech demo from Square Enix. Afterwards, Microsoft presented an interview in which Square Enix revealed that it took them three weeks to get the basic rendering of their Luminous engine running on DX12. Not only that, but Square Enix claimed that it wasn’t really a difficult task implementing DX12 support.

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DarkOcelet1298d ago

I think if SE released FFXV with DX12 for PC. It will look extremely mindblowing in Ultra settings 4K/60fps. It already looks amazing as it is.

This gen will look astonishing in its final years.

christocolus1298d ago

"However I have to mention that this wasn’t a direct port and it wasn’t using many of the unique of D3D12. Going forward I think we’re going to adjust some of our systems in the engine to better match D3D12."

Its impressive how fast they were able to get it up and running but the SE dev says they weren't even using many of DX12 unique features i'm guessing it will look much better once they start using these D3D12 features..

Bigpappy1298d ago

Yeah. That is great news for game that will be patched for DX12. Means developer wouldn't have to spend many man hours doing it and will be more likely to update the games.

never4get1298d ago

Final Fantasy XV DirectX 12!

DevilOgreFish1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

@ DarkOcelet

Yes that would be killer. yesterday was a big turnaround for SE-japan division, they haven't been making good on performance since the Crystal tools engine and the FFXIII trilogy last gen. this is a major step forward to their workflow on future projects, making optimization their top priority on all platforms including lead.

StarLord_Who1298d ago

Definitely. Luminous Studio is more of a last gen engine too. So imagine the games on Unreal 4. I think that's where they're going next.

Gamer19821298d ago

FFXV won't hit PC any time soon if ever. While they are porting more to PC lately they only do it when console sales are absolutely dead and think people will double dip.

kraenk121298d ago

The contrary is the case. The game will be on PC sooner than later.

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bleedsoe9mm1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

i'm getting convinced we might see a ms exclusive ip made by SE

Lukejrl1298d ago

I try not to be a fanboy I really try.. I own all systems.. but I can't stand it when Microsoft instead of building their own games deprives others by buying already established franchises. It does nothing to help the industry. If they actually Co developed a new series with a company fine but to just pay for exclusivity is lazy

christocolus1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

He said an MS exclusive ip. which could also be a brand new ip but why point fingers at MS? Isn't Sony and even Nintendo doing the same thing this gen? SF5, Bayonetta (Are'nt these already established ips? Dr3, Titanfall and Ryse were all funded by MS(titanfall was co-funded with EA).Tombraider is being co-fuded&developed by MS&SE and its still a timed exclusive. I see nothing wrong in that actually. A platform holder can decide to partner with a developer to create an exclusive ip if it makes sense to both parties.

slasaru011298d ago

Check history, man, who bought lazy exclusives in the first place. And compared to that, MS has only timed exclusives.

Priestwithgun1298d ago

What's wrong with funding the developement of a game by third party(basically hiring them) huh? So by your pinoy logic,even first party games should be available on all platforms coz that prevents ME or YOu who don't have that platform can play them and basically loose the reason to buy that specific platform.This is so stupid comment

You are basically being a fanboy fighting a sony fanboy,no difference b/w you two,other than age and maybe gender

TheRedButterfly1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

@#2.1 "I try not to be a fanboy I really try.. "

Try harder. Nothing you responded with had anything to do with what #2 said in his OP. You came into a conversation talking about a publisher funding a developer to produce an exclusive intellectual property, and all you decided to discuss was a publisher coming to a developer and buying up an already existing and multiplatform property.

Not only that, but you (conveniently) decided to ignore the fact that all three console manufacturers have done this /THIS GENERATION/. Oh how quickly we forget.

Looking for an excuse much?

Lukejrl1297d ago

Uh guys in my third or fourth sentence I said " if they Co-develop a new series it's fine". so my problem wouldn't be if square Enix made a game called "total destruction" or whatever exclusive for Xbox. But if they do what they did with tomb raider. They want somethING to compete with uncharted. So instead of creating a game in the genre they simply buy tomb raider exclusivity it just seems so risk adverse when ms has the most cash to take the risks. Sony does it too. But the amount of new ip's sony help create or have created makes it a bit easier to swallow.

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Gamer19821298d ago

Wrong way around Sony already have Star Ocean and that FFVII PC port to PS4 (which may sell well) MS had SO exclusive last generation. Seems SE are siding with Sony this generation probably due to the lack of console sales and lack of sales in it's home territory.

slasaru011298d ago

SO was not exclusive. Timely - yes, but it was just the time to learn PS3 for the devs, since 360 was pretty straightforward

Agent_hitman1298d ago

Good to hear that, I'd say that DX12 will change the gaming for the next years to come. Not to mention, lessening the CPU load for games.

mkis0071298d ago

Im all for that

I have a 4790k should not be a bottleneck!!!!!

kraenk121298d ago

Yeah, PC gaming in combination with VR is gonna blow our minds.

jhoward5851298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

It took around three weeks to get the basic rendering working on DirectX 12. Good to hear.

DX12 = faster dev time = more polished game.

MS can turn 3 years worth of work in to a 1 year worth of work with DX12. That's beautiful.

Summons751298d ago

Still the difference between a TECH DEMO and an actual game is leagues of differences, can't actually compare the two.

bananaboats1298d ago

It's still gonna reduce the build time on games by a whole lot. Thank you Microsoft.

PlayableGamez1298d ago

Yes the power of the Xbox One is truly shining. Watch out PS.

bananaboats1298d ago

It's always easy to find the ignorant trolls on this site

PlayableGamez1298d ago

Haha yet, you still respond. I win.

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