1UP E3 Preview: Age of Booty

Developer Certain Affinity bills Age of Booty (formerly called Plunder -- a title we vastly prefer) as a "casual real-time strategy game," with several former Halo multiplayer designers to its name. Up to eight players (spread across two opposing teams) pilot pirate ships across waters peppered with neutral townships.

These ships -- Age of Booty's only player-controlled units -- can wage war with said towns, eventually overtaking them and their resource production (gold, wood, or rum, depending on the town). These resources are summarily used to upgrade your ship's speed, armor, and cannons. Other wild-card abilities (such as bombs, whirlpools, and a "Ghost Ship" invisibility upgrade) come in handy for slowing down or killing opponents (who respawn back in their team's lair), and the first team to capture X towns (or control the most towns after a set time limit) wins. The typical match should last anywhere from three to 10 minutes, and an included map editor means lots of extended entertainment for creative types.

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