Xbox One Friend List and Social Services Go Down Again as Xbox Live Stutters

Things have been a bit bumpy for Xbox Live users recently, as the friend list and social services on Xbox One and Xbox 360 have dropped once more, after repeated issues in the past couple of weeks.


Update: while Microsoft still hasn't given the "all green"my friend list just went back up after a bit over two hours of downtime. This means that the problem seems to be on the mend.

Update 4: After a second but more limited wave of problems Microsoft issued the "all green" roughly after six hours from the start of the issue.

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Volkama1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Working for me right now, and i don't even have an internet connection. Or any friends for that matter.

Abriael1265d ago

Maybe that's why it's "working for you."

Volkama1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Weak. I'd have gone for "well I believe part of that" or some cutting remark along those lines.

daBUSHwhaka1265d ago

Down again.This is becoming the norm for Xbox live.As much as I love live it really is becoming so unreliable recently.Friends list unavailable,apps down,achievements not unlocking,Upload clips freezing constantly or lagging out.Ever since the Festive attacks its just not been right.Fix this for good MS and stop taking us for fools.

Skate-AK1265d ago

I had a couple trophies not unlock on PS4 too so I feel the pain. It was during the Christmas DDOS thing and some trophies didn't unlock while I was playing Black Flag. Luckly they were trophies that won't take long to earn again on a new file.

ThinkThink1265d ago

Just be thankful it's little stuff like this and you're still able to play online. That's what's important. I agree though, if you're really into your friends lists this could be a bummer.

AngelicIceDiamond1265d ago

@whaka That's what happens when you dedicate yourself to monthly updates.

Perhaps, that's a major flaw in monthly updates. They work in a timely manner they don't catch all the bugs, have trouble stabilizing the network and getting things to work properly.

Rookie_Monster1265d ago

Wow, do Dualshockers have to make an article ever time there is an advisory for limited service of friendliest on Live that only last a few hours?

Here is what the status of Live now

Xbox Live Core Servicesup and running
Purchase and Content Usageup and running
Websiteup and running
TV, Music and Videoup and running

The Online And Store Is Up As always but making an article about a temp friendliest not showing for some people is getting really old.

johndoe112111265d ago

Yeah, don't know what's wrong with them, don't they know they're only suppose to report when psn has issues? Seeing that from what I've seen some people say around here, xbox live never has problems and it's only psn that gives trouble.

KwietStorm1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Dualshockers has multiple articles with excerpts from the same interview that they didn't even partake in. Nothing new here.

22CobraKing1265d ago

They always did the same when ps4 was down so what's your point?

rainslacker1265d ago

They don't have to, no. They do though....although I think saying "every time" is a bit of an exaggeration.

Rookie_Monster1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

22 cobraKing,

Link me to an article within the year in which you saw DS reported PSN has issue on N4G? I am specifically talking about articles submitted by DS and not someone else.

LOL, you know what is funny. I looked through some more articles submitted by someone else regarding PSN is down. GUESS who try to block it from approval?
PSN down on 12/24, Sony is investigating


Bad Editing
There are issue =/= Down. It's up for me.


Abriael | 128d ago

Mic dropped!!

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Captain_Wormy1265d ago

What is happening with XBL? It's gone down more in the past few months than PSN has..even if it's down for just an hour or two.

RaTaTaT1265d ago

Most of the time is just the friends list.

lemoncake1265d ago

Friends list goes down everytime they push out a new update which is usually twice a month, one preview and one final.

DigitalRaptor1264d ago

Yep. Yet you'll see people trying to deny this or say that XBL is more stable.

In the past TWELVE months, XBL has either been down or had problems more than PSN has.

When PSN goes down, it's more often than not for "Scheduled maintenance", which they tell you about beforehand, and if you're signed in to the network you can still play online. It's a fallacy that PSN is worse than XBL now. You could get away with saying that in 2008 or 2009, but not now.

yankolo1265d ago Show
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