The PS4 dust cover is one of the most useless accessories we’ve seen

There are a lot of PS4 accessories, but this is one of the most useless ones on the market.

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masterfox1361d ago

NO!, since I care for my PS4 I will buy this so in winter doesn't get a cold and.....awwww for get it don't know what da hell I'm saying..

iSuperSaiyanGod1361d ago

kinda stupid the things people will buy lmao . but hey its their money to waste

RealFry1361d ago

A feather duster with a PS logo on it would be better, and it would sell like bread!

Ripsta7th1360d ago

Thats what i use to dust off my ps4!! Lol
Ladt time i used a cleaning cloth my ps4 ended up eith light scratches all over

Tzuno1361d ago

They know that fan-boys are willing to buy everything for their console so they try to make money from everything, if it works why not :)

Rookie_Monster1361d ago

A cheap $4 duster brush at Walmart will do the same trick.

Eidolon1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

For dust perhaps, but it also prevents scratches and and other surface damage, especially good for those who want to keep it in shape for re-sale or taking to other people's homes. My PS4 has a ton of small scratches and other damage and I have no idea where they came from, but I do move it (room to room) a few times a weeks. $12 is kinda high for the material, but it looks like it fits perfectly, I wouldn't bother making my own.

rainslacker1360d ago

Unless your PS4 is completely trashed or has big gouges in it, a bunch of light scratches is not going to reduce the value of the system. The phat PS3, and first slim, were highly susceptible to these types of scratches, but so long as they work, they have the same value. This is pretty true for most retro consoles as well, as a pristine condition box is not really worth more, but a "heavily used" one can see the price drop substantially since it raises other flags for the buyer. Ultimately, if you want to keep the maximum value in the system for selling later, keep it new...although you'd have to wait 10+ years after Sony stops selling them.

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The story is too old to be commented.