May’s Games with Gold won’t sell consoles

Lazy Gamer: "People may moan about Games with Gold’s offering – the games haven’t always been stellar, but at least they expand your library, right? Well, I think the issue this month is that none of these offerings would make we want to buy a console. Or really even play on my console. But here they are!"

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jonny2by41268d ago

I dont think anyone would buy a console for GWG games or PS plus games.

Kayant1268d ago

Yep just a incredibly stupid piece and waste of time.

lelo2play1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Actually, if one online paid service "offers" much better games (AAA games) then the other, it can sway gamers to purchase one console over the other.

... but until now the PS4/X1 games "offered" with PS+ or GWG won't sway anybody.

RosweeSon1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I bought my Vita about a year or so after launch, was more than happy with my 3DS, however when the list of free games came up and they were all top notch games I would have bought for the system I decided it was time to grab one, the month I bought it I got. Uncharted and Gravity Rush both free and also the games that month were Katamari and Street Fighter Vs Tekken 4 games in one month for free (not to mention the 10 games that came with the console) that nearly paid for the console, certainly has done now and great little system but mainly bought it for the free games and some exclusives, got a ps4 now so maybe some remote play as well but yeah just not been shown the same love as the PSP did from Sony (no GTA, God of war or metal gear or gran turismo) not just ports but proper releases exclusive for Vita like psp had for all of those series' either way a great system with plenty of games but could do with more.
I pretty much only bought my ps4 on launch day as I knew I'd be getting free games every month, getting much more use now but was busy finishing off my Xbox 360 and now PS3 but these free games of course can sway people that are clued up, why wouldn't someone buy a console if they are getting free games every month, sure ps+ has gone down from what we were getting 12-18 months ago but still pretty good. It's paid for my Vita and nearly my ps4 in the amount of money I've saved from trying all these games when they just give them to me instead ;)

TheRedButterfly1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Dude, you have got to be joking. You bought your PS4 on launch because of the free games you knew you'd get? Are you kidding? What a pathetic reason to pick up a piece of hardware. Why not get it for the games that are actually being made for it and are exclusive to it?

Also, it's not like you actually needed to get the system at launch to secure the free titles for PS4. If free is so important to you, you could have simply added them to your queue online* and waited until the hardware had a worthwhile title on it to purchase. Could've saved yourself some money and got a bundle with a(nother) free game since they mean so much to you.

And on top of that, with all the cheap games you can get through Steam/GOG/Humble Bundle, you might as well have gone the PC route, since apparently only the software prices - not the software choices - are what matter to you.

Edit: *This is a feature of XBL - not sure if it works like this on PSN.

jb2271267d ago

It won't sell consoles, but it sells their subscription. I have no use for PS+ outside of the free games because I don't game online, but nonetheless I never let my sub lapse because I can always bank on games to play on my system even during the dry periods where nothing tickles my fancy. Those periods seems to be getting larger & larger w/ the move towards online only titles, delays & gimped sp campaigns, so the indie sector & the free titles on offer thru PS+ are the only things actually keeping a controller in my hands these days.

700p1267d ago

GWG or ps plus aren't supposed to sell consoles anyway lol

rainslacker1266d ago

I think PS+ Vita offering drove some Vita sales. Kinda hard to ignore having 20+ good games to play when you first get a Vita if you've been adding them to your list for a year or two.

Dunno if it'd drive the home console market that much, but if someone was a PS3 or Vita owner, and added games over all this time, they'd be in the same boat should they decide to upgrade. have a bunch of games right from the get go, or start fresh with a new console.

I imagine the same could be true for GWG if you can add games without owning the console.

MasterCornholio1266d ago

The way I see it most people pay the sub's to game online. The "free games" are just a bonus to the service. I don't believe that anyone would buy an XB1 or a PS4 for it however its a great incentive to stay with specific brand.

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whoyouwit041268d ago

"GWG wont sell consoles" is the person that wrote this being serious?

daBUSHwhaka1268d ago

Ha ha.This article is a joke.How does this nonsense pass.

iSuperSaiyanGod1267d ago

Honestly would rather read a article about bananas lmao .

iSuperSaiyanGod1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

@wearelegion , that was actually a really informing article, now I'm craving a smoothie haha thanks!

bananaboats1267d ago

my goodness, people just reach for anything to bash on the XB1.

kickerz1267d ago

So true. Also don't bother going into console sales threads. If you like Xbox and make a comment you will get burnt and shutdown real quick lol. It's a sad world we live in.

Transistor1267d ago

This might be the worst headline of all time. SMH.

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