IGN: E3 '08: Dora Saves the Snow Princess Hands-On

It always feels like a risk to offer a positive opinion about a kid-targeted title. The Internet, by nature, is the realm of the hardcore gamer – and casual or kid-friendly games are quick to be ridiculed by the most vocal majority of forum-dwellers, bloggers and trolls. But IGN are challenging that reality right here, because one of the most enjoyable times they had playing a game here at E3 was when they walked over to pick up the Wii Remote for Dora Saves the Snow Princess, the Wii debut for Nick Jr.'s Dora the Explorer license.

And before you hardcore gamers scroll down to the comment button to start firing insults at IGN, too, consider that this game is being developed by High Voltage. The same High Voltage responsible for The Conduit. The same High Voltage you've just been praising in that other message board tab, still open in your Firefox window.

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