What We Want From Watch Dogs 2

In light of new details indicating a sequel is in the works, what should change in the next Watch Dogs?

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PudgeyBurrito1267d ago

I would love for their not to be another Watch Dogs 2.

3-4-51265d ago

* Of all the series that did NOT need a sequel.....this was one of them.

* Such an unoriginal & uninspired game.

The look, the sound, the gameplay, the story.

Whoever was in charge of Watch Dogs, thinks they know more than they actually do.

I would fire them, and promote from within to fix past mistakes.

PudgeyBurrito1264d ago

Wow, People liked watch dogs?

TrollHard4Life1264d ago

Well said Mr Burrito. This game was truly a piece of poopy.

Takwin1266d ago

For a game to be so hyped, not even come remotely close to meeting the hype, have such horribly flat characters and boring plot - but to offer such promise and spurts of fun - I am definitely intrigued by Watch Dogs 2.

I thought it would be a game of the year and possibly take open world games even further than GTA V or Just Case 2, but it certainly did not do that at all.

They MUST fix the driving or remove it. It was just horrible and near game-breaking. They need a lot more uses of the tech and cameras. They need to record like 3-5X more calls to listen to, and have do more in the game.

Under no circumstance would I ever preorder any Ubisoft game. And under NO circumstance would I ever play one on my PC (despite a 290x and a 1600p 30" monitor) because uPlay is worse than aids and Nazis put together.

wakeNbake1266d ago

They basically have to make it more like GTA to go anywhere with this franchise.

Psychotica1266d ago

Yeah because there is nothing to do in it other than a million things..

Spinal1266d ago

If you think gta is boring I'd hate to play the games you enjoy loooool

Gta online heists are fantastic even the singleplayer ones were amazing.

crazychris41241266d ago

Fix every issue from the 1st game would be a great start.

Interesting protagonist
City with life (art style, dynamic events)
Physics were horrible. Doesnt have to be the greatest physics in the world but come on. Ive seen better physics on addictinggames than in Watch Dogs.
Driving was horrible
No more Uplay
Optimized PC version with no hidden features
Make it fun! Game was boring after several hours

Game was such a huge let down, couldnt wait to beat it so I could immediately uninstall it

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