XSEED Deserves Your Support, And Here’s Why

Andreco Brooks of Gamer Attitude gives his reasons why you should support XSEED

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JohnathanACE1267d ago

Xeed is defiantly an underrated publisher and Rune Factory is defiantly an underrated series.

GameBoyColor1266d ago

I wish thered be a RF5 or another console game. But it probably will never happen ;( Ill still support the old team and Xseed by buying Lord of Magna lol

ZaWarudo1266d ago

Sure, just bring over Tokyo Xanadu and Estival Versus.

TheColbertinator1266d ago

Xseed has been good to JRPG fans

Chaos_Raiden1266d ago

One of JRPGs translation saviours.

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