CCP boss: VR is ‘not going to be big’ next year

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, the guy who runs CCP Games and Eve Online, thinks that VR is going to follow a trajectory similar to mobile gaming and 3D graphics cards. And that means we're going to have to be patient.

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lelo2play1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

VR is another gaming gimmick and it probably will come and go, like other gimmicks... Wii, Kinect, PS Move, 3D, etc.

EDIT: There were a couple of gimmicks that stayed: gamepad and mouse.
If VR wants to succeed it has to offer a perfect gaming experience, something extra, something people would like to try over and over again... otherwise...

SteamPowered1264d ago

VR transcends video games. It will be very successful. There are already a ton of media that utilizes VR. From movies to sporting events to interactive learning.
And to put VR into perspective, valve already has SteamVR mode and an entire genre of VR games in its library. When you add in all the other games on the Oculus Share site, you will see how many people are into this "VR Fad". VR isn't going to happen in 6 months or next year, it's already happening.
VR is almost the opposite of 4K: VR has a multitude of applications being developed before mainstream while 4K has been out a while but has hardly any content.

calactyte1264d ago

Obviously you've never experienced VR before. If you have and you are unimpressed, I can certainly respect your opinion.

I have tried it and I'll tell you that it will likely make 90% of all people who do try it, buy a VR headset. It sells itself. You put it on, and you are transported to another world. You look down, you feel fearful of falling when in VR. I challenge you not to flinch or duck when something swings at your head in VR. By the time it hits shelves the resolution will be good enough to keep you in the experience. Combined with digital scanning technology you'll be hard pressed to determine what is real and what is digital within the next few years.

Imagine the P.T. demo where the the voice says, "turn around..I said turn around!". You'd peak over your shoulder in terror. But VR shown off screen does nothing for anyone. However once you put it on start reaching into thin air for digital objects that you could swear are real, well a whole new world will open for you. Your 60 Inch 4K TV will seem like a black and white screen from the 50s.

But lets say you are right for second. Lets say people don't want to immerse themselves into another reality. Just wait until the porn industry gets their claws into it. Like it or not, formats and technologies live and die by what the porn industry does.

midnightambler1264d ago

Maybe never. I still remember the '90s.

Transistor1264d ago

It's 2015.

The VR of now, is not the VR of then. Look at 90's cell phones, some early ones required a briefcase.

Transistor1264d ago

I agree, I think it'll get big depending on it's execution in 2017. In 2016 we'll get a few titles here and there and people will slither around the net saying VR has no games.

kmanmx1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Eh, not sure I entirely agree. Nobody really thought touch screen phones could have good games. "How are you supposed to play good games on a touch screen with no controller", nor did many people buy smartphones to play games initially. There wasn't even an app store.

VR headsets are pure gaming devices, many indie games and AAA games are already in development, and the devices are being backed and made by big powerful gaming company (Sony etc). Nobody doubts that VR games will be good either. The benefits are obvious.

Obviously, you are not going to get $1bn of revenue from a VR game in year 1, 2016. But adoption will be rapid, and I think several hundred million in game revenue for a single game (VR's CoD equivalent) is entirely possible by 2017.

EvilWay1264d ago

I don't think it will ever take off. Not because it isn't a cool piece of hardware or the capabilities of it, but because I don't know if it will get the support it needs to get developers to develop for it. Also price could be a problem as well. I don't think the install base will be big enough and big name studios won't add it to there games at all or will half ass it and people just won't bother

SteamPowered1264d ago

Go to Oculus Share website if you don't think people are developing for will shock you how many applications are already developed.
The media applications being developed will draw the user base in, believe me. Steven Speilburg as well as Robert Rodriguez are both huge believers in VR. Imagine a 3d interactive Jurassic park movie. It would be massive!!

Peace_Love_and_FPS1264d ago

Couldn't agree more steampowered, the pure mass is unbelievable. I've been holding off certain games just to play them in VR after trying it. I'm sure I'll play on the TV for say co op games (local) but I can't see myself using anything else for solo gaming in the future.

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