The Joker may be alive in Batman Arkham Knight according to latest trailer

In the latest trailer for Batman Arkham Knight, we're shown the title of a show called Johnny Charisma: Live - a phrase in which you can spell "Jocha is alive". Is this a wild coincidence or is the Joker set to return in Batman Arkham Knight?

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Abash1264d ago

No one would be surprised if this was the case, he's The Joker after all

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SilentNegotiator1264d ago

Depends on if they stick to the story from the official followup comic. If so, Joker is DEAD-dead; like, intentional to the point that the writers were like, "No. Stop saying that he might come back. He is gone in this universe....for good."

But I'm sure he has some contingency plans to mess with Batman, postmortem.

deadpoolio3161264d ago

Cause Harley or someone couldn't have swapped out the body...That has certainly never happened before 100000000000000 times

SilentNegotiator1264d ago

Again, the comic was very intent on making the Joker out to be definitively dead. Both the coroners and Batman had the chance to examine the body. It was his body and they destroyed it.

If they do go with a plot about the bodies being switched, it would be BEYOND convoluted, and the Arkham stories have been handled pretty well.

KwietStorm1264d ago


Well from what I've been seeing around the net, some people (I don't know how much they are fans of Batman) seem to strongly want the Joker to be dead, after the events in Arkham City. Nevermind Ra's al Ghul being who he is or his body disappearing, and never mind the odd idea of apparently, yes apparently killing off The Joker, of all people.

TrollsBringer1264d ago

They HAD to spoiler it, though. Douchbags.

theIndianNoob1264d ago

@Yi-long There is a limited comic series running called Arkham Knight, which ties in with the game. That does not indicate in anyway that Todd is Arkham Knight. I see where you are coming from, but I would disagree that Todd is Arkham Knight.

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-Foxtrot1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Course he's alive, but he won't be seen until the end of the game (or in hallucinations caused by Scarecrow).

I really feel there was more to Arkham City's ending. Clayface, the Lazarus Pit, the voice mail in the credits.

MilkMan1264d ago

Keep him dead. It IS possible to have a B-man story without the clown prince of crime and if its not possible, lets try it.

-Foxtrot1264d ago

If he only appears at the end then he's not going to take away anything from the other villains. It would just be a nice nod to the comics where villains don't die forever.

I mean I know they aren't continuing the Arkham franchises but they are most likely bringing him back for the far, far future just incase they do come back to it or another studio does.

Yi-Long1264d ago

If they bring him back as alive, that would just cheapen his death in Arkham City to just another 'shock-value' event, and nothing more than that.

He should stay dead, and like I said before, he'll probably be in the game in some kind of flashback, concerning the events with Jason Todd.

DarkOcelet1264d ago

Actually it would, remember The Dark Knight Rises revelation at the ending. It made Bane look like a stupid pawn. I didnt like that one bit.

Kal-V31264d ago

They might as well write in that the Joker is immortal now because they will NEVER kill him off.
Personally, i'm tired of hearing about him.

oIITSBIIo1264d ago

He died in AC and Batman burned his body in the game's comic, so no, he is not coming back.

Hanso1264d ago

wHHAAAAT he burned him???
I thought Bats doesnt kill?!

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Lord_Sloth1264d ago

Burning a dead body isn't killing, dude.

ctate19951264d ago

I would love to see the Joker return! My favorite villain....

gangsta_red1264d ago

No one besides Uncle Ben stays dead in comics.

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