Mario Kart 8 players have no clue what coins do (But it's great design anyway)

I’ve played many, many, many hours of Mario Kart 8, but it’s only recently that I learned the effect of the collectable coins that have been recently reintroduced into the series. Before I Googled it, I asked around to see if anybody else knew exactly what they did. I found most people didn’t, and those who did had a pretty sketchy, often incorrect answer.

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iplay1up21318d ago

I would think that the fact you "max out" at 10 coins, would be a huge indicator that they are very important. I had read before MK8 came out the coins would increase speed.

3-4-51318d ago

* Polygon. Yes we do.

It's simple, they make you go faster.

There done.

Polygon. Go back to 2nd grade please.

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Loadedklip1318d ago

I thought almost everyone that actually lays the game knew that ...

gangsta_red1318d ago

Pretty sure that was the use of coins in the very first Mario Kart.

Good to see it back, I wish they would bring the Ghost power up back.

wonderfulmonkeyman1318d ago

Coins are great as on-track items, but they're a nuisance when you're in first and that's all you get.
They should at least be allowed to drag behind your cart, as a shield, if you use it when your coin count is already full.
That, or grant a level 1 mini turbo, on use at full coins.

The coins as items concept and the way battle mode was done are my only two major complaints with the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.