DX12 To Have Fastest Adoption Since DX9, Will Let You Squeeze That Integrated GPU

DX12 will have the fastest adoption since DX9 according to Microsoft. Also, a new feature called Multiadapter will let you use integrated GPUs alongside discrete GPUs for a further performance boost.

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Chris_Wray1318d ago

It's easy for MS to say that, I'm sure they said the same about 10 and 11, but it never really worked out that way. Though I have to say, the use of integrated graphics as a boost is a brilliant feature.

Kayant1318d ago

Yh although with the 1 year free for all it will surely help.

kaiserfranz1318d ago

Exactly. DX10 was basically dead on arrival, DX11 was much better but DX12 adoption is going to be even faster thanks to that 1 year free upgrade.

I bet most games shipping in 2016 will support DX12.

Muzikguy1318d ago

I definitely agree that it's easy for MS to say this. All companies talk this way. Having the free upgrade too is going to make that happen. I don't like when companies talk about adoption rates and stuff when they just give it away. It's not really saying much. I'd be ashamed if it didn't have fast adoption when millions are getting it for free

Imp0ssibl31318d ago

Well, in the end all that counts is that a lot of people will be able to use DX12 from the start and this will translate in almost every developer getting on board with it.

LordDhampire1318d ago

If developers don't use DX12 they will be shunned by gamers. Dx10 ran like crap, dx11 slightly better but Dx9 ran much better, Dx12 runs amazing, if developers don't take advantage of it they will be bombed on twitter and forums for being to lazy to transition over to it.

Testfire1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

" Dx12 runs amazing"

And you know this how? I'm on the hype train too and and can't wait for DX12 games, but we really have nothing to go off of except some spec sheets and a couple non game demos here and there. The true indicators of it's performance (actual games) have yet to come.

LordDhampire1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Despite contrary belief, Computer's don't run on magic

and in the computer world their are these things called benchmarks what gauge the performance of said computer.

and for DX12 they have made some of these said benchmarks to gauge its performance of it vs Dx11, in these benchmarks they test various effects you will see in games.

It's not called a hype train, its a fact that DX12 games will run better than DX11 games, Benchmarks my might not show every scenario but they will show general game performance from a DX11 game vs DX12.

So unless these Actual Games are made by ubisoft they will run better then they would of compared to if they were made with DX11.

Alexious1318d ago

This is excellent news. PC gaming will make a giant leap with DX12

NeverHeavyMan1318d ago

That's what I look forward to!

curtis921318d ago

If the devs will take advantage of it we could see the PC separate from consoles like back in the 90's. But... it's just a big IF. If it's all about 'creating the same experience across the board' as it is now, dx12 means little.

Imp0ssibl31318d ago

I anticipate a big difference, way bigger than last generation's.

someOnecalled1318d ago

Let's not forget stacked memory is also coming out. By 2016 GPUs should be easily doing 4k gaming at a decent price. How great is it to be a PC gamer.

I'm waiting for the pascal GPU before upgrading but its good to know my current rig is going to have an long life thanks to dx12 and vulkan. I could easily use my parts in a new mb and the smallest case I could find for a steambox for the living room and use my old case for a 4k rig.

Gotta love PC. With this and new GPUs you gotta wonder if devs going to make use to all this power or bs and say games look the same for no reason. Because there should be no excuse why games next should be comparable to consoles, especially since they're not even running at high settings with physx and other features like pc

Alexious1318d ago

According to Brad Wwardell, with all of this stuff games should look like Star Wars CG (the prequel trilogy) fairly soon. Let's hope they come close.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891318d ago

It's too bad the witcher 3 couldn't get on dx 12 :( I'm really nervous about my cpu bottle necking my 2 780ti's like with the witcher 2. I'd always get frame stutters when if go into a new area. Which is weird because I had Gsync and super fast ssd.

brads41317d ago

ALL Gaming will make a huge leap. PC and otherwise. This will set new levels of expectation.

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JJShredder1318d ago

I'm hoping The Witcher 3 will at some point have a DX12 upgrade.

As many gamers as possible should be able to enjoy that game at the highest settings with a great frame-rate!

Alexious1318d ago

I think it will. Possibly along with one of the DLC expansions

ccgr1318d ago

can't wait to use it :)

christocolus1318d ago

I cant wait to see the first AAA DX12 title.

Alexious1318d ago

I think Star Wars: Battlefront will support DX12 in some way

iTzFumbbles1318d ago

Gears of war 4 will be the 1st full dx12 game in 2016

christocolus1318d ago


oh really?i didnt know that.


Gears running on UE4/dx12 would be amazing.

Hanuman1318d ago

I have become totally numb to DX12 articles. I don't know what's what anymore. There have been so many numbers(mostly contradicting), I'm lost... So, lost..

bleedsoe9mm1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

just how the fanboys want you(us) , allot of questions will be answered in about a month when we see these games at E3 .

Imp0ssibl31318d ago

You may be referring to DX12 in relation to Xbox One, but the importance of DX12 for PC was never in question or contradicting.

This is a game changer for Windows 10.

brads41317d ago

DX12 is truly a revelation. If you understand what they are doing, it is immense levels of optimization and redesign for a multi-threaded environment. It will help all systems that support it, especially PC but including Xbox One. So most will have some benefit, good times.

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